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Our Mission

Working together is the only way to succeed. And with CoScreen, teams will be able to do so even better than ever before thanks to a digital collaboration platform that makes remote work as good (or sometimes better) than if you were sitting across from one another in person! CoScreen is a new company that’s revolutionizing the design and development process with an innovative Electron-based desktop application implemented in Typescript (frontend) and C++, as well as Rust. You'll be joining our remote team of Developers, designers, product managers—even QA! Your job will involve designing features for upcoming products or solving hard problems when ours don't work out right away--at least until we figure it all out together.

Who we are

We are a team of builders who want to build the best products for our users. We work hard on these projects, and we're proud that they bring millions together in natural ways every day! It's important as profession.....

About Us

Vinovest is looking for a remote Lead Frontend Engineer who can help us to take fine wine investing out of the hands and into everyone's grasp! We're a small team with big ambitions, so we need your assistance in making that happen. If you love programming as much as we do then this opportunity will be right up your alley - join our ranks today by sending over an application.

About You

You are the type of person who is always coming up with new ideas. You love cross-functional roles and finding ways to make things better, even if it takes some time or patience. When pressure mounts you rise to the occasion because your work deserves success! You're an inventor at heart; constantly looking for solutions in everything from engineering projects all way down to small design changes that will have huge impacts on how people live their lives every day

What you will do as a remote Lead Frontend Engineer:

  • You'll spend your time brainstorm.....

About us

We're excited to get you on board! The platform is the first-ever SaaS tax management solution for multinational companies, empowering collaboration between internal stakeholders and external partners alike to achieve higher levels of compliance efficiency corporate social responsibility. We are looking to add more people with different backgrounds across European time zones. (+- 2 CET) We're funded by well-known early-stage investors and ready to kick some$$!

About the remote job

You'll be joining what they're calling "the most forward-thinking company in our industry. As a remote Frontend Engineer and founding team member, you will get to help create the foundation for our engineering culture. You can articulate principles and layout long-term plans that shape how we do things here! The first engineer on board will be heavily involved with designing and implementing the front end, working closely alongside other team members to create an am.....

About us

You’ll be joining the Rolla team, a collection of tenacious and fun individuals spread across various locations working towards building a decentralized financial future. As part of this group, you will have access to not only technical talent but also designers who want their products ready for the market to give people real control over how they spend money! You'll be able to work with some of the most innovative minds in cryptocurrencies and finance, as we're backed by top investors from around the world. At Rolla, you can learn about how this technology will change everything! With Defi options trading on Rolla, you can trade for free with no hidden fees in a permissionless web and mobile app. We are blurring the line between regular finance and Decentralized Finance starting by making it easy!


As a remote Defi Frontend Engineer You'll work with designers and backend engineers to implement new features. You need the right skill.....

About us

Your career in front-end software engineering is what's hot right now! You'll be exposed to cutting-edge technology and given complete autonomy over projects. Your task will involve designing innovative solutions for clients while collaborating with other members of the team on architectural decisions that affect their success all from a position working directly under our CIO. We're a passionate team of developers and designers who are dedicated to making the web better. We build blogs, activism tools, API clients - anything you can think about! Our code is powered by modern technologies like React/Redux or Rails + Sidekiq for high scalability needs; SASS allows us to keep styles fast while being more maintainable with CSS modularity. We have an energized group of people from various backgrounds working together on this project: if you want challenging work that's not just technical but also includes creativity in other fields then come join us at Daily Kos! .....

About us:

Drops is a small company that has been featured by TechCrunch, FastCo, and many more. We are spread across Europe achieving great things the remote way! In December 2020 we were acquired by Kahoot!, which produces games for learning platforms like Drops In October 2017 I met Tien Hoang from Singapore during our time at Facebook where he worked on Messenger bots before moving onto DropBox's Developer Platform team as Head of Product Management - this lead us down some interesting paths such as working together again last year when he joined my board back then (and now). However, what caught me off guard was discovering how much passion & Drops is a fun and effective way to learn vocabulary. With 43 languages across 30 million users, Drops has been the #1 app for language learning on iOS since it launched 4 years ago! Our goal at Drops? To make your journey through our gamified experience as seamless and immersive as possible so that you'll be excited abo.....
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