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About our company

If you are interested in joining our company, we're hiring a remote Senior Software Engineer that is needed for our team. We are looking for someone who has over five years of experience, is self-driven and independent, and can work remotely. We're a company that builds Mac apps. We need to hire a Senior Software Engineer and we will give you the chance for this job if: You have experience building Mac apps You can work remotely We're hiring a remote Senior Software Engineer to join our team as we work collaboratively, develop and build software products. We hire only the best talent and provide competitive salaries for top quality engineers. We work closely together as we are located in one office, but our position is fully remote. Our team members enjoy flexible schedules that allow them to balance their work life with family time by working from home or travelling for project assignments when needed.

Three Roles Available


About our company

We are looking for a remote Senior Software Engineer iOS to join our team. We have an excellent working environment, competitive salary and perks, flexible hours, work-from-home opportunities available in the US. Our company is a well-known software development firm with 10 years of experience. We focus on delivering high quality, innovative solutions to our clients and achieving real results for them. Positive impact on users: Our team has a long standing reputation for providing the best services in terms of innovation and transparency that you can find out there! This is an exciting opportunity to grow as a developer in an innovative and challenging environment where there are no limits on what we can do together! You will be responsible for writing high-quality code which is platform agnostic, testable and maintainable. We are looking for somebody who has experience with iOS development but also wants to learn Swift or Objective C as it's now.....