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About us

Session lab is on a mission to empower people through the design process. They are leading platform for workshop facilitation and process design, working with more than 100 thousand professionals in over 50 countries around th world who use their software-as-service product which helps them run better workshops every time! We are looking for a senior full-stack developer with frontend focused experience to help us scale our platform and deliver more value. We'll give you the chance to work closely on exciting features that will improve your ability as well, like new & improved content delivery systems or monitoring tools so we can quickly address any issues before they become an issue! You’ll be working alongside some amazing minds in order reach these goals - including other hardworking developers who have already done their part by building out key parts of the back end infrastructure (infrastructure consists mainly server architecture); designers/produ.....

Help us help millions of readers understand literature.

LitCharts provides a great resource for anyone who wants to be introduced or improve their reading comprehension. With 2000 guides on books, poems and terms with complete Shakespeare translations (including all of the Sonnets), there are so many different things you can do!

Responsibilities as a remote Full Stack Web Developer

You'll be a part of the solution at this company, making sure we stay up and running so you can do your job. You'll work with us on projects from backend to front end - everything in between! And if there are some bugs or issues? Don't worry; they're always someone else’s problem now that our codebase has grown exponentially thanks for all those contributions over time. You should join our small remote team because the code you write will have a direct impact on our success. We work flexible hours and are looking for someone able to do the same, so this is perfect!


About your role

Pento is looking for a remote Frontend Engineer who cares deeply about building captivating user experiences while challenging our thinking on software architecture. We want someone with the passion, creativity and skills needed to take on such an important role in this company! You will have access not just one day - but every single project where your work can make impactful decisions that help people get paid securely through sophisticated technology offerings Penta provides its customers each time they interact or transact business using their platform; allocating resources wisely based off real metrics so we scale quickly without sacrificing quality (or customer experience); making improvements constantly by analyzing data which gives us feedback loops allowing self- improvement goes hand-in fund).

Remote Frontend Engineer (Remote , +3/-3 CET hours)

Pento is revolutionizing the way companies manage payroll. We're re-building this process fro.....

About our company

We’re thrilled to announce that we have raised a $6.5M Seed round led by Coatue, and now our company is ready for you – a fullstack engineer working remotely! We need someone with experience in engineering or product development because this position will be overseeing projects related both of those fields. HTTPie is changing the way people interact with APIs. We are building tools for developers and rethinking human-to-API relationships from first principles, as creators of well loved open source Terminal API tool. HTTPie - which has led to our mission: making it simple & intuitive that everyone can use an easy way create any kind or type of request online! With CLIs (command line interface) coming soon in 2019, you'll be able make requests without ever opening up your browser; same goes if want desktop app instead because now all platforms will interoperate seamlessly too so there won't even need separate versions anymore.

Your position / R.....

About Us

We're changing the way men think about wellness. And we've already amassed a stellar team of executives from TransferWise and Deliveroo, with funding from Europe’s top VC's too! Our mission is clear: Create an easily accessible safe space for all those who need it - no matter their background or location in society- without judgement. When you join us on this journey towards creating healthier lives through better understanding what really matters most to YOU; don't forget that starting out isn't Easy...but worth every second.

Remote Front End Engineer position

Please read this job description carefully. As a remote Front-End Engineer, you will have the opportunity to solve interesting problems and make direct impacts on our business through shaping what it means for users by creating beautiful interfaces with ease of use features that they love using! We are looking for someone like yourself - passionate about their work who can join us in Athens as soo.....

About us

The developers behind pennylane have been hard at work making this dream come true: creating "the financial OS" we've always wanted but didn't know existed until recently - an online toolkit catering exclusively towards entrepreneurs looking to streamline their operations through better information sharing. Imagine a world where you can use one database to manage all aspects of your finances. Now imagine that same system is available for SMEs in Europe, with features designed specifically by business owners themselves--features like invoicing and getting paid; paying suppliers or expense management on the back end while piloting cash flow at front-end as well! This idea could potentially revolutionize how companies get things done financially (and let's not forget about accountancy). We know that time is valuable to all entrepreneurs and accountants, so we provide them with the tools they need. We help 3rd parties offer personalized financial services - saving .....