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About Us

We are a product development company that creates high-performing platforms and apps, both for our long-term client partners as well as creating new products. Founded in 2013 by people with diverse backgrounds from around the world who love tech startups; we work remotely but meet regularly face-to-face at one of their many offices across Europe! If you are a remote Senior Ruby on Rails Developer with experience in building scalable and high-performing applications, we want to hear from you. We have an exciting opportunity available that will allow for innovation as well as cross-department collaboration between backend engineers, product designers & front-end developers working closely together under one roof! The client’s team solves interesting technical challenges while always being mindful of business needs--this position would be great if those things interest or resonate within yourself As a senior member of the team, you'll help to drive architect.....

Hi, we’re CompanyCam.

We create simple, visual-first tools for contractors. Imagine a B2B SaaS (business to business software as service) app that doesn't look like garbage and is built by an agile team of capable laid-back people who will never judge you because we're all in this together! We don’t want to brag, but we are the fastest-growing startup in town. We have big plans for our future too!

Remote Engineering Manager – The Role

You must have a deep understanding of how products are built, from start to finish. The best engineers are problem solvers who can think quickly on their feet with limited information available - this is what makes them so valuable in our team! Join a group of talented engineers to solve interesting problems that will make your career truly fulfilling. You’ll have the opportunity to work with different departments and be responsible for tackling everything from big company initiatives down to fixing bugs in one particula.....

About our company

Sezzle is a payment platform for consumers with installment plans. We're looking for a Lead Full Stack Developer to join our team and help us scale our app internationally. Our ideal candidate will have at least 4 years of experience in some form of web development, be able to lead the design and front-end development teams, and be comfortable working remotely from their home base. It's a company with an impressive sales record and growing customer base. The company is always on the lookout for new talent to join its team of talented developers, designers, marketers and product creators. In order to maintain their current growth rate they're looking for a Lead Full Stack Developer in either US or Canada who has experience in JavaScript/NodeJS development as well as experience building large scale web applications using modern frameworks such as ReactJS or Angular 4+.

We're looking for a remote Lead Full Stack Developer

We're looking for a re.....

About us

As a remote company, we are passionate about improving the lives of our users through the products we build. We're looking for an experienced FullStack Engineer (Node & React) who wants to join us on this journey. A FullStack Engineer is a person who can handle all aspects of the development process. They usually develop websites, apps and other software applications that are built on Node & React framework. The candidate has to be able to work remotely but also have excellent communication skills so they can effectively communicate with their team members across time zones for remote collaboration purposes.

What we're looking for

We're looking for a remote FullStack Engineer, Node & React. You'll need to have experience building complex applications and we will be working on an exciting project in the Houston area. We're building fun applications using modern technologies like Node, React, MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB and more. We are on the c.....
ABOUT MODERN TREASURY Modern Treasury is a suite of tools available to companies managing large international payments. Modern Treasury automates the entire cycle of money movement -- from notification, through approvals, and into cycles that result in reconciling cash flow. Our goal is to transform the way businesses work and move money, driving toward a world where payments are instant, accounting is continuous, and reconciliation is real. Our customers use our products to process payments. The companies that can use Modern Treasury move over $750 trillion a year via bank payments, as compared to only $2 trillion per year on card payments.

Your Role

We're looking for remote security engineers to join our engineering team. As an early member of the engineering team, you will help shape the company's engineering culture by building innovative payment products that both our engineering and finance teams will love. The Modern Treasury platform sits.....

Who we are:

Pixel Union is the leading developer of premium apps for the Shopify e-commerce platform. We provide our merchants, entrepreneurs, independent retail brands and small businesses with device-friendly e-commerce apps that help enable a successful sales process. Our apps have been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur and more. Our team of experienced developers is dedicated to giving our customers the tools they need to grow their business with ease. Our team of 20+ is made up of remote workers located across Canada and the US.

Your position remote App Developer:

We are looking for a full-stack developer to join our Apps team and write readable, extensible, performant code for our apps. We present projects to developers and then trust them to figure out the right way to build solutions meeting set goals by all members of the team. The costs of creativity are technically high - developers need an environment in which they can work at their full potenti.....