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About us

Green-Got's ambition is to become the first mobile bank that uses its users' money as a force for good. We're not satisfied with just protecting Earth, we want you onboard too! We're looking for a 100% remote Mobile developper (React Native). Born from observation and frustration about banks neglecting global warming protection efforts coupled with environmental awareness throughout society today where everyone's doing their part but nobody has taken charge yet... That all changed when one company came up with an innovative solution: "game-changing" technology which will allow them to do more than any other organization out there - Give back through voluntary donations program called Eco Philanthropy™ powered by Greenergy MFPs (money funds) AND Keep earning interest at high rates while donating.

About the job

Building a bank application with current & saving accounts, money management, wire transfers, and card management. We are launching on the F.....

About us

Do you want to be part of an innovative team that will help shape the future as our new remote Python Developer? We are Scopic, and we're looking for like-minded professionals. If you’re an innovator by nature and a Python Developer, we have the perfect opportunity for you! Read on to see if Scopic could be right where your talents will flourish. If your personality fits into our mold then read on! When you work with Scopic, the virtual world is your home. This means that this remote position will allow for a zero-hour commute and amazing opportunities to collaborate on global projects! So are YOU ready? At Scopic, we create immersive digital worlds where players can explore their creativity without limits or boundaries in an ever-changing environment which also offers them up-close interactions with other people who share similar interests as they do - all while earning coins (amongst others) so it feels attainable at any time of day/year-round rather than j.....

About us

Return shipping is one of the most frustrating aspects of e-commerce. Brands are always eager to get their products back once you receive them, but they have no choice in this decision as it's up solely with customer satisfaction or refund rights under the law! 8returns solves all these problems by providing an elegant returns experience for customers who want hassle-free returns at any time - without sacrificing sustainability and goodwill on either side. We are so excited to share the news about our first round of funding with you! Thank you for believing in what we're doing and helping make it happen. The support from industry leaders like Philipp Kreibohm (founder home24), Björn Sykora (founder Mister Spex) & Paul Schwarzenholz has been incredible, as well as Johannes Schaback who is the CTO at SumUp entertainment company; Tamaz Georgadze +Frank Freund founders raisin wine brand; and Verena Pausder author entrepreneur whose work focuses on female entrepre.....

About Us:

We're Quick Draw Development. We've been in the business of connecting businesses to their customers for over three decades now, and we know what it takes to be successful: skillful problem solving with a unique perspective that sees things no one else does - because every company is different!

The Job:

We're a growing company and need you! We are looking for outstanding candidates that have experience creating innovative solutions others thought were not possible before - do you think this might be something special? Get excited because here at Quick Draw Development we want nothing more than create better ways through technology by making companies live up to their potentials. As a remote JavaScript Developer, you join a team of talented developers and designers in pursuit to offer the impossible, developing custom web-based applications for our diverse portfolio clients. As a mid-level engineer, you will work with senior or junior members on project.....
WORKING AT REBILLY We know that you want the best for your future and we're going to give it everything we have. Rebilly offers a competitive salary, training, and development programs with on-site support from our experts when needed as well! You'll also get birthday lunches delivered straight into work each year plus free computer usage throughout all of North America or anywhere else if desired--just set up some meetings over Skype so teams can sync better while working remotely together too!. Rebilly offers competitive salaries, training, and development opportunities with the option to work anywhere you want as a fully remote employee. They also provide birthday lunch baskets for their staff members which are great incentives! You might be thinking to yourself that this organization is different than what you’re used to, but don't worry! Our organizational structure may differ and so do the people in Rebill. But we think some of your favorite things abo.....

About You

You'll be part of an exciting team that is working on the next-generation SaaS platform. This project will require you to use modern technologies like ReactJS, Ruby On Rails, and Python with AI for natural language processing (NLP). As a remote senior software engineer/architect your job duties include designing systems as well as developing them in these languages or teams-related areas - this can range anywhere from frontend development down through back-ends architecture depending on what needs are needed within each specific application!

About us

PathFactory is a company dedicated to helping B2B marketers understand the role of content in their buyer’s journey and discover new data that can be used for optimization. Pathfactory extracts this information from its users, utilizing it as they go about optimizing different channels with relevant information at hand wherever you click or navigate online! PathFactory is a visionary company with custome.....