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About the Payments team

Our team's mission is to help bring in revenue with sophisticated, reliable, and secure domestic and international payments. We've put our minds to work on exciting projects, including Product, Platform Infrastructure, Finance, Compliance, and finally exploring our API strategy. We are using machine learning to help optimize authorization rates and personalize your payment experience. We are looking for a remote worker who is skilled at financial engineering to help lead our Payment Platform efforts. We will pay you well and give you challenging projects to work on. Anyone interested can join us!

About remote Backend Engineer Role

  • You will write technical documents for the project.
  • We are building our payment platform into a service-oriented architecture. Our customers will get to influence the manner in which we build it so release of features happens more quickly, which can have a significant effect on growth and.....

About Argyle

Argyle is a remote-first, Series A fast-growing tech startup that has reimagined how to use employment data. Renting an apartment and buying cars might be as easy for some people but not all of us have the same opportunities so why couldn't this process work in other industries too? Argyle provides businesses with single global access point into their employees' earnings information which can help them make more informed decisions about what they are paying workers or whether there needs improvements across board within your company. Argayl offers many different solutions depending on where you need it most: if sales numbers show high employee turnover then they will provide local verification services; while another client found problems recruiting Millennial males. We're a group of passionate people who have fun collaborating remotely to make our company better. We currently need someone with experience in security engineering, if you're looking for an.....

About You

Kafka is looking for an experienced remote Systems Engineer Kafka Specialist with knowledge, so if you've got what it takes then send your resume! We provide managed Kafka clusters for use by other teams, and we manage the infrastructure that is used to accomplish this. We are responsible for deploying virtual infrastructure into our OpenStack private cloud as well as building all of those systems you'll need when it comes time to monitor or log your services in order make sure everything goes smoothly at scale! At Tucows, we’re always looking for new ways to make our products better. If you have experience with this framework or want jump into helping evolve it further then please get back to me ASAP as positions are limited.

What You Are:

  • You have extensive experience working remote with and solving issues on behalf of customers who rely heavily upon the stability, security, performance enhancing characteristics that Linux brings to .....
Do you want to join the next wave of business success? We are looking for people who can think outside the box and see opportunity in every corner. Do your skills include problem solving, creativity, innovation—the ability not only excel but provide innovative solutions across all areas that will lead us towards hyper-growth! We have been growing rapidly, and we need you to keep up with our success. We are an experienced team of engineers that has already increased revenue by 200% in just one year! If this sounds like something for which you've always dreamed but never thought it could be a reality? Well now is the time because here at Loadsmart: The Revolution Will Be Disrupted. We are looking for a remote Python Back End Engineer who loves solving engineering problems in an environment that's dynamic and fast-paced. The company is global, so you'll have the opportunity to help solve challenges from all over (and we mean EVERYWHERE). What you get to do:
  • You .....