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About us

As a remote company, we are passionate about improving the lives of our users through the products we build. We're looking for an experienced FullStack Engineer (Node & React) who wants to join us on this journey. A FullStack Engineer is a person who can handle all aspects of the development process. They usually develop websites, apps and other software applications that are built on Node & React framework. The candidate has to be able to work remotely but also have excellent communication skills so they can effectively communicate with their team members across time zones for remote collaboration purposes.

What we're looking for

We're looking for a remote FullStack Engineer, Node & React. You'll need to have experience building complex applications and we will be working on an exciting project in the Houston area. We're building fun applications using modern technologies like Node, React, MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB and more. We are on the c.....

About our company

Codelitt helps companies build new products and solve their most pressing problems. We're hiring a remote Senior Backend Engineer with Node experience to join our team! We're a small software company that is passionate about improving the lives of our users through the products we build. We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer with Node experience to join our team and work on projects from start to finish.

Remote Backend with Node Engineer – Your profile

We're looking for a remote remote Senior Backend Engineer with Node experience. This is an entry-level position that requires someone who has the following skills:
  • Experience with Node and JavaScript
  • Experience in working on projects using PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch
  • Familiarity with RESTful API design
We're looking for a senior backend engineer with Node experience who is responsible for building and implementing the pro.....

About you

We've got your back! We need a remote Backend Engineer who can build our next big thing. Skilled in developing complex distributed applications, this backend software engineer has proven they're up for the challenge. A strong team player who is passionate about beautiful code and inspiring products! We need someone to join our design-driven development teams as we work on building the next generation of art platforms. You'll be required not only technical know-how but also leadership skills, creativity in ideation processes/brainstorming sessions, etc., which will help you outshine your peers with ease because this position requires an all-rounder – no wonder it's so competitive... We’re looking for individuals like yourself: those who have committed themselves fully to their career goals by turning them from just something.

Remote Backend Engineer key responsibilities:

  • You are the backbone of our company. You build applications that.....

Who we are:

Pixel Union is the leading developer of premium apps for the Shopify e-commerce platform. We provide our merchants, entrepreneurs, independent retail brands and small businesses with device-friendly e-commerce apps that help enable a successful sales process. Our apps have been featured on Forbes, Entrepreneur and more. Our team of experienced developers is dedicated to giving our customers the tools they need to grow their business with ease. Our team of 20+ is made up of remote workers located across Canada and the US.

Your position remote App Developer:

We are looking for a full-stack developer to join our Apps team and write readable, extensible, performant code for our apps. We present projects to developers and then trust them to figure out the right way to build solutions meeting set goals by all members of the team. The costs of creativity are technically high - developers need an environment in which they can work at their full potenti.....

About us

Are you a remote Ruby on Rails Engineer and have a passion for building tools that help people save and navigate their financial realities? We're looking for an engineer with experience in designing apps. With financial challenges a reality for more and more Americans, we at PB&J Financial Group believe that the best way to tackle this problem is by providing clients with access only elite households have enjoyed up until now. Our goal? Helping all of our customers be able not just survive retirement but thrive in it! That means helping them build brighter futures through investment options like cryptocurrency-based 401(k) plans as well real estate or shares from pre IPO companies - investments which will also protect your assets even during turbulent markets.


You will be collaborating with our engineers, product and design teams to spec the endpoints that power your API. You'll also have an opportunity for hands-on work in writing.....

About us

Hi, I’m Dani, an entrepreneur, and a tech author & speaker. We are a remote first startup, but we make sure that our team members have overlapping hours across the office to boost productivity. We are looking for a remote Node JavaScript Developer with the right attitude and skills. You’ll be in charge of developing tools that will empower our resellers, including web scraping or Chrome extensions to enable crosslisting inventory & automating sales on eBay and Poshmark sites like yours! This is your chance not only use all those opinions you have but also get results when it comes time to decide which path forward makes sense at any given moment during development process as well as give feedback after every decision meeting so we can make adjustments together according do best fit requirements. Along with my business partner James, we’ve been on a mission to change the way people buy and sell online for over 8 years. We started Saily in 2012 -.....