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About You

Kafka is looking for an experienced remote Systems Engineer Kafka Specialist with knowledge, so if you've got what it takes then send your resume! We provide managed Kafka clusters for use by other teams, and we manage the infrastructure that is used to accomplish this. We are responsible for deploying virtual infrastructure into our OpenStack private cloud as well as building all of those systems you'll need when it comes time to monitor or log your services in order make sure everything goes smoothly at scale! At Tucows, we’re always looking for new ways to make our products better. If you have experience with this framework or want jump into helping evolve it further then please get back to me ASAP as positions are limited.

What You Are:

  • You have extensive experience working remote with and solving issues on behalf of customers who rely heavily upon the stability, security, performance enhancing characteristics that Linux brings to .....

About us

Tucows is a company that started out in the 1990s and has since grown to be one of the most recognizable brands. With businesses ranging from mobile phone apps, internet services like domain registration as well as other ventures such Tucow Software Incorporated (TSI). TSI was founded by two Canadians with extensive experience running successful software development firms outside their home country; they have specialized skills for developing e-commerce platforms targeting American customers specifically who prefer buying online via credit cards rather than using PayPal or another alternative provider because it's not possible at present due API restrictions imposed upon US merchants until 2014 when these laws were lifted finally giving rise again after sixteen long years so many startups.

Our Story

You deserve a company that values your time and energy, not just the opposite. A remote-first company offers all of its positions as being fully or partially t.....