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About us

We have an exciting new opening for a Senior Java Engineer! The CleverPeople team is looking forward to working with you and would like your help building the future of our product. We pride ourselves on being remote, yet friendly—you'll get all this in spades at work here - so what do you say? We're on a mission to create innovative products for companies working with millions of customers, transactions and data points. Everyday we solve problems that require creativity, grit and determination - but it doesn't stop there! Our enterprise culture challenges norms while fostering experimentation in order get results.

About You – Remote Senior Java Engineer

We're looking for passionate and energized remote team members who want to change the world. We need you if your background is in Logistics, FinTech (or anything related), Transportation Insurance Media or other multifactor industries that have a deep understanding of client concerns- because our cu.....


BibliU is an ambitious organization with the goal to make higher education more accessible for everyone. We work in partnership with publishers, creating a Learning Enablement platform that provides equitable access and efficiency while also making learning effective. Do you want some insight on how your company can help us achieve these lofty ambitions? Keep reading! Our company is seeking engineers to work within a global, cross-functional team. Our staff of 80+ people are all women and 45% of them hold managerial positions!

About Your Role as a Senior Software Engineer

You will be a part of the BibliU team, and you can work with other brilliant engineers to solve technical problems that have an immediate impact on our customers. You'll then take these solutions all through production in collaboration with your fellow teammates! Our infrastructure is on AWS, with our codebase mainly in Node.js which we are coding using TypeScript/JavaScript. Ther.....
We are a company focused on delivering outstanding user experiences with solid technology. Our successes come from our teamwork and mutual respect for each other's talents, unique perspectives, or skillsets that we offer to the table when it comes time to make an impact in any industry. With over 20 years of experience in the internet space, we're always at the forefront of new technologies to deliver these great experiences. We have been building web-based solutions for clients since 1998 and have served organizations across many industries including healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing/distribution channels and more. More recently we've expanded into mobile applications development as well as interactive voice response systems (IVR). You want to be a part of the team that's shaping our products, but not just any developer working remotely? We need someone with skills in back-end development and system integrations who can take on tasks at hand when necessary - whethe.....
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