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About us

Carted is a company on a mission to make commerce seamless. They empower developers with their single API and connect them to millions of merchants, all through an online marketplace that spans the globe! Cartes' founders are based out of San Francisco. If you're someone who's passionate about software engineering or e-commerce then this could be just what you're looking for. We've been solving problems since the day we opened Carted. From captchas to scaling up to handle insane RPS, there's always something new for us in this industry of ours! If you have a good Github or LinkedIn account, we will follow up with an online coding test and let you know the result immediately.


You need to be able to Write awesome scalable Go code.


Do you want to be a rock star developer? We need awesome scalable Go code and Build the world's most powerful commerce API!.....

About us

We're excited about our innovative solutions that are environmentally friendly and support social transformation. Our team of experts is constantly working on new ways to help people grow their businesses, pass trust along the entire value chain and access these advancements for themselves as well! In addition to designing and operating leading digital payment solutions, our company is committed as well to making them environmentally friendly. They're widely accessible so that everyone can use them regardless if you have a bank account or not! And lastly, we support social transformation by funding projects focused on poverty alleviation all over the world because sustainable economic growth starts from within outwards motion We're a worldwide leader in secure payments, trusted transactions, and the digital revolution. We are at the forefront of change through our innovative solutions that support sustainable economic growth while also being environmentally fri.....


Stable Kernel is a company that builds custom software for Fortune 500 companies. We are headquartered in Atlanta, GA and our teams work with big brands to build future-focused solutions from problems identified today StableKernel’s product architects strategize the unknown space between an already defined problem so clients can have stability on what they need next Stable Kernel is committed to building an inclusive, diverse company. We celebrate all forms of diversity and do not discriminate based on anyone's race or religion; be they single-gender role orientation (straight), married without kids; disability status -- if you have a service dog that helps with your walking needs then let us know! All are welcome at Stables Kernels as long as given equal treatment by our practice.

Software Engineer

Remote Full Stack Software Engineers have the opportunity to learn new technologies, make decisions that shape a product ro.....

Why us

You’ll never feel like a replaceable cog in the machine at this company. We value your opinion and experience, so if you have something to add let's talk about it! Our strong culture of failure helps us stay up-to-date with new ideas while also helping us identify areas where things can be improved upon--you'll find that from day one there is always work being done by passionate people who care deeply for their craft (and each other). We're excited to meet in person twice a year at our onsite, as well as during conferences and events! We love learning from each other so we continue that through bi-yearly personal development talks. Plus, if you want feedback about what's going well or where things can be improved - just let us know with regards to how your performance is going every month :) As a member of our engineering team, you will be responsible for keeping the Kubernetes clusters running and healthy. You also have an important role in developing the prod.....

About The Role

As a Senior Full Stack Engineer at Facet Wealth, you will be able to work with our Engineering & Product teams. Your responsibilities include developing world-class commercial software used by clients that help them plan their finances more efficiently! As one of the best companies in this industry, I'm confident we can meet your goals and exceed expectations on what's possible for someone like yourself working here too As an experienced developer skilled in not only programming but also design implementation or Architecture decisions - if these terms are new words then now would make sense as they pertain specifically towards technology within today’s market environment. Successful candidates will be able to work with modern front and back-end technologies, as well as new languages/technology stacks. They should also have the ability for tackling large problems that require expertise in solving them on their own or collaborating with other programm.....

About your role

I'm so excited to tell you that we've been looking for a Golang Developer who can work remotely. You will be working on our open core product called The Things Stack which has incredible potential, and it's only available through Github! The driver of our team is a deep love for the work we do and an intense passion to make products that help IoT developers stay connected with their devices. You need to be able to work in Golang and keep your team on par with what you do at all times. You're a hard-working and passionate developer who has been working in the field for years. You understand how your work impacts all sorts of different IoT activities, from wireless technologies to software development - which means you know what needs fixing when things go wrong! If you're a developer looking for a great opportunity, make sure to check out our awesome technology! We have the Things Network Developer Community which includes resources for learning more a.....