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About Art+Logic

We are Art+Logic. We run the business by being creative with technology, which means things sometimes go wrong but we have to respond to keep our clients happy and client relationships strong! Being kind is important because if you're not nice then no one will want anything from us (including free-market competition). You’ve never met a company quite like ours. We are still going strong after 25+ years of success, and our reputation for excellence is unmatched in this industry! If you want to be part of something big that will grow with your career then come work alongside us-we offer the best benefits package around (healthcare included). Do you want to grow and learn? We offer unparalleled support for our employees, with an amazing variety of projects in different industries. Doing custom software development means that the needs for each project can vary widely - beyond just which languages we use or domains where we work! You'll find generalists.....

About us

The future of energy is now. Advanced Energy Economy (AEE) ensures this clean, secure, and affordable by working to accelerate the move from fossil fuels towards 100% electric power generation in America with our diverse range of services which include grid-scale as well distributed technologies such wind or solar installations - all happening today! The U.S.'s advanced energy industry is booming with the number of jobs increasing by 10% since 2010 to 3 million! AEE represents more than 100 companies in this sector, employing over 250 thousand Americans--and that doesn't even include everyone who works at home or for smaller firms not yet on our radar screen. AEE is on a mission to transform government policies that will enable rapid growth for advanced energy businesses. They educate, engage, and advocate at the federal level as well in wholesale electricity markets across 14 states with executive actions or legislation expanding market sizes of products &.....


As a remote software developer, you’re always looking for new challenges and opportunities. You want to keep your skills fresh while still being able to accomplish all the things that come up within projects - this includes working on different technologies with no fear or hesitation! We are also interested in learning new ones too of course; there's nothing wrong about trying something outside one's comfort zone if they know how challenging it can be at first glance (but only after getting past some initial hurdles). This remote position is a perfect fit for those who want flexibility and the ability not to be away from home during work hours. The team usually operates in Eastern Time Zone so you can stay close to your family if need be! We pay our staff hourly to provide the most scheduling flexibility and allow them to be as productive as possible. That's why we offer a USD 64.91 (about $126,500 per year) rate for this position which will vary dependin.....


We have been connecting our community of Shopify Experts to e-commerce brands for projects big and small since 2014. In that time, we’ve helped over 30 thousand entrepreneurs launch their online stores from idea through implementation with a team as part of this amazing initiative! We provide the best freelance experience for top Shopify developers: new quality clients, great software, and a helpful community. If you're a full-time freelancer with an entrepreneurial spirit, then we have the perfect platform for your business. Our team is made up of remote developers who understand what it takes to succeed on their own terms and how difficult it can be as well without any help from someone else's knowledge base or expertise!

What sets us apart:

We have a big, cozy community. You pick your clients and projects from the many Experts in this space who are there to help with anything that comes up. No competition between you! We are so confident that yo.....

About Pentalog

A global technology company is looking for Full Stack Developers to help them expand their team! The new positions will be with an excellent salary and benefits package. Empowered by your support, we are now working on multiple projects that have great potential in this industry's future - you can join us too if interested :) You will be a full-stack developer with .NET and Angular know-how. You'll build state-of-the-art creatives for thousands of clients, monitor them in real-time through client-side instrumentation - all while working at an advanced pace that challenges you to think outside traditional lines.

Remote Full Stack Developer Responsibilities:

You deploy code to produce user-facing dynamic contents in real-time, displayed to billions of internet users every day. You support new products by designing new components to enhance our creative offer (animations, images, videos...). You make sure a uniform level of quality across br.....

About us

You'll need to be an experienced developer with a strong understanding of desktop engineering. Experience building Mac (Swift, Objective-C) or Windows apps are preferred but iOS experience will suffice too! You should get out there and build some things: if you have any knowledge in C#/C We are seeking passionate engineers who want total creative freedom on their projects at Duet. As Product Owner yourself, you'll own all aspects including design through launch - which means there's no limit or restrictions when coming up with new ideas down the road for both users' happiness today AND tomorrow.

What we do

Duet is a revolutionary new device that turns your mobile phone into an external display. It's more stable than Wi-Fi, doesn't require any configuration or setup by you - just plugin and start using! You don’t have to worry about how much data traffic (or lack thereof) might be bogging down the connection between yourself + Duet because this func.....
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