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About us

It's been an incredible year for Steadily. We've grown from 5 people to 30 over the last 12 months, and our technical challenges have gotten interesting! If you love building web apps or service-oriented architecture then this company is perfect because we need someone with experience in both fields who can help us build core parts of our stack like APIs & microservices. Steadily is an insurance company that provides affordable, fast coverage to property owners. We do this by using our cutting-edge technology and service so you can be confident in your rainy day! At Steadily Insurance Services we have a simple mission: To give landlords the peace of mind they need when it comes time for them to buy their auto or home insurance policy because at Steadily, being insured never feels too much work Why join us
  • We're growing fast and are well-funded (Series A, $30M)
  • There is a reason we're so successful. The founders a.....

About us

Corpay One is not your average four-year-old company. They’ve grown fast and are backed by Fleetcor, a major US payment company, which attest to Corpaya's ability to stay true to their founding values since day one. Passionate people will love the organization for its maturity while those who like execution get excited with all of these new ideas! There's also an inclusive culture here so it won't matter if you're entrepreneurial or not--everyone gets along famously at this office space. We're on a mission to make your life easier, and we want you to focus more time on doing what matters. That's why our team of finance experts is here for business owners like yourself! We save them precious minutes every day with automated tasks such as bill pay or expense management--so they can do everything else when it counts most: growing their empire The United States has been getting larger over the years (especially in population), but how big is too big? The answer m.....

The Opportunity

The Coda Collection is an on-demand streaming service that brings the stories of songs to life, and in turn, deepens your connection with artists. From our curated collection across Amazon Prime Video Channels (AnIME), homepage website experience as well as mobile apps; we have created unique experiences by combining movies that give context behind meaningful moments throughout music alongside an immersive editorial written specifically for this channel from some of today's most talented writers who are passionate about it. The team behind this project is proud to announce that they've already made quite an impact in just months. The subscriber base has grown rapidly, films like What Drives Us were directed by Dave Grohl (you know him as the drummer for Nirvana), and there are over 500 pieces of press coverage about us!

The Role – remote Frontend Engineer

Get to work on a visually stunning user interface, contribute your skills in building thri.....

About Superside

Excited to work with you! We're currently looking for a remote Software Engineer to expand our engineering team. We are especially interested in front-end, full-stack or back-end engineers. No matter your expertise, Superside has the perfect role for YOU if it sounds like something that would interest then get in touch with us. We're on a mission to create the future of work and we need your help. Our vision is nothing less than changing how people interact with the design, flooding every corner of life with beautiful intuitive products while building an incredible platform for creativity unlike anything before it has been seen! If you're a creative professional looking to collaborate on projects from around the world without ever having to leave your office or home, Superside has got what it takes. We offer an easy way for teams of all sizes and expertise levels in over 58 countries worldwide - including Norway (where we were born) as well as US states .....

About your role

We're seeking remote software engineers with a development background to contribute a critical role in the Engineering team. The basic premise of Modern Treasury is to help businesses document and document their services, products, and intellectual properties. This is an all-encompassing mission that embraces many different processes through finance, marketing, products, customer service, etc. You will be early members of the engineering team at Modern Treasury and maintain even more opportunities for growth. As part of the engineering culture shift, working on cross-functional product lines can enhance your professional experience too! Our customers use our company's technology to do things like move money, automate back-office work, and record transactions. The companies that can use Modern Treasury move over $750 trillion a year via bank payments, as compared to only $2 trillion per year on credit card payments. We have a lot of experience in building.....

About your role

Pento is looking for a remote Frontend Engineer who cares deeply about building captivating user experiences while challenging our thinking on software architecture. We want someone with the passion, creativity and skills needed to take on such an important role in this company! You will have access not just one day - but every single project where your work can make impactful decisions that help people get paid securely through sophisticated technology offerings Penta provides its customers each time they interact or transact business using their platform; allocating resources wisely based off real metrics so we scale quickly without sacrificing quality (or customer experience); making improvements constantly by analyzing data which gives us feedback loops allowing self- improvement goes hand-in fund).

Remote Frontend Engineer (Remote , +3/-3 CET hours)

Pento is revolutionizing the way companies manage payroll. We're re-building this process fro.....