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We're hiring a Remote Front End Developer

  • You have a positive and professional attitude. You are the type of person who can do anything with ease, which makes you so popular among your peers!
  • With a minimum of 2 years experience in CSS, HTML and JavaScript you'll have all the skills needed to get ahead on this exciting project.
  • You're a natural when it comes to the basics of Git!
  • You live/work in a North American time zone
  • You have Excellent English

Nice to haves

  • You have experience with Bootstrap – setting up a website that looks great on any device is an art form, and you are the artist at work here! With your talent we can turn this site into something truly beautiful - one worthy of all those who come across it
  • You have a knack for making things happen. You thrive in fast-paced environments where your skills can be put to use and you've got an eye towards the botto.....

About our company

We’re thrilled to announce that we have raised a $6.5M Seed round led by Coatue, and now our company is ready for you – a fullstack engineer working remotely! We need someone with experience in engineering or product development because this position will be overseeing projects related both of those fields. HTTPie is changing the way people interact with APIs. We are building tools for developers and rethinking human-to-API relationships from first principles, as creators of well loved open source Terminal API tool. HTTPie - which has led to our mission: making it simple & intuitive that everyone can use an easy way create any kind or type of request online! With CLIs (command line interface) coming soon in 2019, you'll be able make requests without ever opening up your browser; same goes if want desktop app instead because now all platforms will interoperate seamlessly too so there won't even need separate versions anymore.

Your position / R.....

Are you tired of building mediocre sites from scratch because clients have no vision or budget? Feel like a “code monkey” in an empty cage, doing repetitive builds with nothing but the basics to make it more interesting. Are your eye's being drawn towards this company who seem confident and full of life even when they're working on projects others might deem as unimportant; ready for something challenging that will allow their creativity shine through instead! If so then read ahead about our team at DesignandCode: We are high achieving professionals looking for someone passionate enough about design/development work. What if you could work on premium website experiences as a remote Front End Developer that challenge and stretch your skills? You might want to try our new design system, which will save time for when it matters. With so many great designers in one place there are always people with whom I can learn from or be mentored by as well! Let's Tal.....

About us

We're a company that's always been on the forefront of innovation. We lead in WordPress security and have an excellent track record for providing customers with all their needs, from hosting to maintenance contracts! Do you want to work for a company that is securing the internet? Are your flexible hours and remote location in mind, no matter what state of America they are located at. You may have found it! The author of this passage seeks out those who are excited about working with them by posting an ad on craigslist - which offers some valuable information such as where/when employees can start looking or apply if interested (for example: 'this position requires full-time commitment).

Company Culture

We are a happy-go-lucky team of people who love what they do. We're always looking for ways to improve ourselves and really enjoy being part of something new - both in terms on work, but also just because life moves fast these days! We want you as an em.....

About us

We want to make sure that all people have access and can afford good food, not just those who live in wealthy areas. That's why Food Revolution Network (FRN) works with online-based education programs like this one so we can move towards sustainable practices for both our planet as well as human health! With more than 750 000 members across the globe FRN provides online-based education with a goal of transforming our current system into one that supports not only people but also planet Earth!

Your position as a Remote Full Stack Developer

Dedicated to building a sustainable, diverse and inclusive team that makes an impact on people's lives. FRN offers 10-hour days with flexibility for your schedule - all from anywhere in the world! Imagine working for as a remote Full Stack Developer for a company that takes into account your needs, is environmentally conscious and offers an all-around fulfilling experience. FRN wants you! The opportunity to join a g.....
We're looking for an experienced JavaScript engineer to help us get the job done. As our new remote Product Engineer you'll need strong communication and problem solving skills, as well as vast experience in shipping large-scale projects with teams behind you every step of your way! Understanding Node.js is crucial to understanding how Ghost works, but knowledge of Ember and other technologies we use here at the office will also be helpful! You don't need to be an expert in all areas, but you should have experience working in a startup environment. Some of the skills that will help us most are MySQL or SQLite3 knowledge and any remote work experiences as well if possible! One of the major perks about engineering at Ghost is that almost every single thing you work on will be released as open source under MIT license. That means not only are we giving you an amazing opportunity to use your skills in a beautiful project, but also if there's something down the line where people aren'.....