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About Fidessa

Fidessa's mission-critical products serve the global financial community to provide exceptional trading, investment, and information solutions. With an unrivaled set of mission-critical services for buy-side institutions or sell-side banks Fidessas' product portfolio includes market data analysis with decision-making technology which provides their clients access to professional traders worldwide through its proprietary infrastructure Founded by two former Wall Street executives in 2003 after recognizing there was an industry need within the sophisticated yet underserved marketplace we call "investment management"Β to offer innovative technologies aimed at increasing efficiency and productivity while minimizing cost; today they continue these efforts as one embarking on this noble quest: bridging technological gaps so people Fidessa offers a one-stop-shop for equities trading. Whether you are looking to have your little stockbroker or just need an integrat.....

Your Mission

You will be working on our core technologies. You'll develop the in-house creative engine UBQ, which is portable and runs in a cloud using C++ language to edit all of your projects from one central location without having multiple versions or dealing with file management headaches! The core of the engine is designed for professionals who need to produce high-quality graphics, animation and print. It offers creative tools such as Photo-, Video-,Editing Applications with Desktop Publishing on top!

Your Profile as a Senior Software Engine Architect C

You'll be code-writing, not coffee transforming. You won't have just one small task as you do with a typical coding job; instead we operate highly autonomously within our cycles so that means planning out new features by collaborating with your peers and designing an architecture which will have the right balance between getting it done now without being such pain in future when things need fixing again or.....