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About us

HTTPie is building tools for developers and rethinking the human-to API relationship from first principles. As creators of well-loved open-source terminal-based HTTP testing utilities, it's a mission to make APIs simple & intuitive with an emphasis on CLIs (command-line interfaces) to reach more people who never used web browsers before but still needs to accessorize their apps using third party libraries like ReactJS or Angular 2+. They've already raised a $6M Seed round lead by Coatue; now they're hiring engineers!

What you'll do

We're looking for a remote Frontend Engineer who are passionate about APIs and want to build products that will help API developers. You'll design features with a focus on simplicity and top-notch user experience while taking operational responsibility for the parts that you develop. You'll deliver performant, testable, and maintainable code Maintaining high quality is essential for the longevity of.....
We’ve been a fully remote, fully distributed organization before it was even cool! Our remote-first culture is something we’re proud of. Slack is our office, Jira provides transparency and organizes work, and we collaborate in real-time via videos. We also probably play Among Us a bit too much. If you’re interested in the role, but maybe don’t meet all of the criteria, we’d still encourage you to apply. Growth is continuous and we’re committed to helping you grow at Laterpay. If you love solving engineering challenges, have an empathetic approach to leadership, and can grow high-performing teams to deliver technical solutions for both internal development or external integration projects then we want to talk! The Services Team is responsible for building our core platform which consists of APIs used by both internally & externally interacting parties. They build these services using Python/FastAPI/PostgreSQL Kafka etcetera The job .....

TaxJar is a human-first company.

People are accepted and free to be who they are. At TaxJar, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. Diversity keeps us thinking creatively about how best to provide the financial services our customers need - an essential part of their lives that brings out the creativity in all types of people! We also care deeply for our team members- after all, they makeup one half (or more) the company itself! So when you come here looking for work or simply want someone on your side watching over things while doing what they love most: building products others enjoy using every day. We empower our team to do the right thing for each other and our customers, but we also hold ourselves accountable. We invest in people because they must know their workplace is a safe space where everyone has opportunities to show off what they're best at - from playing music with words or creating engaging videos about anything you want as long as it's done well! .....

About us

At DNSimple, we're always looking for bright minds with a passion for innovation. If you share this mindset then get excited because our team has an opportunity that's perfect for someone like yourself! As Software Engineer on the Registrar Systems Team-in charge of developing and operating backend products used by customers around the world - your job will be helping us maintain high levels of feature/functional coverage while also working closely alongside other engineers who are passionate about tackling tough problems head-on no matter how large or small they may seem at first glance We offer you a compensation of $70k - $100k per Year depending on your experience.

Responsibilities remote Software Engineer

  • You're in charge of adding support for new TLDs and maintaining the existing offerings.
  • You are a natural leader who inspires others to take on challenging goals. Your glowing personality and ability to make well-reasone.....

About us

You know what? We're not talking about a specific person. That's the problem! But there are traits and attitude- Which is rarer than gold these days. Developers like yourself, ready to get things done without conformity or hesitation; You want them on your team so badly anyways. We’re looking for a remote Ruby Software Engineer who has an eye for design, is always up to date on the latest trends in programming languages and tools. I want you not only have to experience with specific technologies but also to be able to work well as part of my team - if this sounds like something that would interest then please apply!
  • Communication is the backbone of every relationship, and if you want to be successful in business it’s important that people feel like they can trust their interactions with you. You understand this responsibility well--maybe better than anyone else does!
  • When you’re faced with a challenge, no matter how big or small it m.....

About our company

Codelitt helps companies build new products and solve their most pressing problems. We're hiring a remote Senior Backend Engineer with Node experience to join our team! We're a small software company that is passionate about improving the lives of our users through the products we build. We are looking for a Senior Backend Engineer with Node experience to join our team and work on projects from start to finish.

Remote Backend with Node Engineer – Your profile

We're looking for a remote remote Senior Backend Engineer with Node experience. This is an entry-level position that requires someone who has the following skills:
  • Experience with Node and JavaScript
  • Experience in working on projects using PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, ElasticSearch
  • Familiarity with RESTful API design
We're looking for a senior backend engineer with Node experience who is responsible for building and implementing the pro.....