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About Pentalog

A global technology company is looking for Full Stack Developers to help them expand their team! The new positions will be with an excellent salary and benefits package. Empowered by your support, we are now working on multiple projects that have great potential in this industry's future - you can join us too if interested :) You will be a full-stack developer with .NET and Angular know-how. You'll build state-of-the-art creatives for thousands of clients, monitor them in real-time through client-side instrumentation - all while working at an advanced pace that challenges you to think outside traditional lines.

Remote Full Stack Developer Responsibilities:

You deploy code to produce user-facing dynamic contents in real-time, displayed to billions of internet users every day. You support new products by designing new components to enhance our creative offer (animations, images, videos...). You make sure a uniform level of quality across br.....