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Awesome Motive is hiring a Remote WordPress Developer

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Mid Level
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Fully Remote
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About us

At Awesome Motive, we help small businesses grow and compete with the big guys by creating market-leading software. Our tools are used over 10 million times a year in tens of thousands of organizations to increase website traffic & revenue for entrepreneurs around the world!

We want to make sure our users have all they need so we provide quality content with tutorials on how-to's as well as giving exclusive access not available anywhere else!

We are the company behind popular marketing products including OptinMonster, WPForms and more. We also run a suite of blogs including WPBeginner which is one of largest free WordPress resource site for beginners.

Every company wants their business model on this planet so why not use awesome motivve's top notch growth hacking strategies?

Your role as a remote WordPress Developer

You're the type of person who loves taking initiative, loves working remotely as a developer and seeing things through from conception to completion. You have a self-starter's mindset, with an eye for detail that will make you perfect in our developer role! We often "own" features/tasks ourselves as developers or our work can involve scoping tasks before we start them off so they run smoothly later on down here at X company - it all depends what kind of environment suits your strengths best but either way if this sounds like something up your alley then apply today!

You're a team player with an attention to detail, who is happy working alongside other developers. You don't take critical feedback personally and know how important it can be when making decisions about software development projects that span multiple clients or features/rewrites; whether they are small bug fixes & enhancements or large scale tasks including everything in between!

As a remote WordPress Developer at Awesome Motive, you will be able to build infrastructure on top of our existing platform and create new features. You'll also help us squash bugs while improving the quality assurance process for quick scaling!

You're an excellent communicator with a knack for making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Your fluency in both verbal and written English is something we can't get enough of, so communication will always remain critical to your success here at this firm!

You're passionate about leaving your mark on the web for all to see and are excited to work on tasks that impact millions of users. Your love of designing, building, coding - anything with words in it- makes you thrive!

You take pride in quality over quantity because there's no better way than one page at a time towards reaching our goal as humans: making this world more open minded through technology by 2030 so everyone can benefit from new ideas rather than being left out or kept down; contributing actively means taking an active role yourself which includes staying up late nights

Your responsibilities

  • You're an integral piece of the GitHub team, triaging bugs and small enhancements that come into our system. You also scope new product features or addons before they hit production to ensure a smooth experience for all users! Your code needs more than just testing though; you are constantly refactoring legacy applications with particular attention paid on backwards compatibility so it can be used as needed going forward.
  • A skilled remote WordPress plugin developer with advanced proficiency in PHP and MySQL is wanted for an established company that has been around for a few years. They are looking to fill this position right away, so if you meet all qualifications listed above please send your resume by ASAP!
  • You must be able to use modern PHP practices (OOP, autoloading namespacing traits interfaces etc), JavasScript vanilla JS jQuery ES6 NPM+ package managers like Composer or npm Packagist version control systems such as git/GitHub. You should also know how iterate quickly on your ideas.

What we offer

Working for a fast-growing bootstrapped company is a rare opportunity, one we consider to be very fulfilling. The challenges are worth it in every way and there's no better feeling than earning your salary with this kind of work environment!

We offer incredible advantages like flexible hours that suit whatever life throws at you (if those pizza boxes keep coming then dinner was ordered from Domino’s!). And don't forget about all the benefits such as healthcare coverage; what other employer can match up? We're also environmentally conscious--we recycle paper products whenever possible so.

Please clearly include the following in your cover letter:

  • Your experience with WordPress plugin development.
  • What is your favorite WordPress hook/function and why.
  • Tell us a bit about yourself and why you should be considered. Details about your experience, qualifications, personality, etc are very helpful.
  • Profile links with code samples (GitHub, GitLab,, etc).
  • Other profile links if available (Your website, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc).