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Tucows is hiring a Remote Systems Engineer Kafka Specialist

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$90k - $120k
🕐 Timezone: 

About You

Kafka is looking for an experienced remote Systems Engineer Kafka Specialist with knowledge, so if you've got what it takes then send your resume!

We provide managed Kafka clusters for use by other teams, and we manage the infrastructure that is used to accomplish this. We are responsible for deploying virtual infrastructure into our OpenStack private cloud as well as building all of those systems you'll need when it comes time to monitor or log your services in order make sure everything goes smoothly at scale!

At Tucows, we’re always looking for new ways to make our products better. If you have experience with this framework or want jump into helping evolve it further then please get back to me ASAP as positions are limited.

What You Are:

  • You have extensive experience working remote with and solving issues on behalf of customers who rely heavily upon the stability, security, performance enhancing characteristics that Linux brings to their business.
  • You have experience with configuration management tools like Saltstack, Ansible or Puppet. You are familiar using these technologies to maintain infrastructure and you know how they can be used for security assessments too.
  • You have a wealth of experience with Kafka and related components. You know how to use schema registry, which is perfect for this task!
  • Automation is one of your passions. You love to automate things and see people's reactions when they can't believe how easy a simple task has become!
  • You might have experience working with a container orchestration system (i.e., Nomad, Kubernetes).
  • You have worked with the cloud. You’re a pro at getting to know how each one works and what they offer, but don't worry if you're not an expert by any means! It's all about learning from experience so that when we need our expertise again in future projects/jobs (i'm sure there will be more), then might as well roll up those sleeves because it'll feel pretty good being able to say "I did this on my own.
  • You're an excellent remote team player who not only enjoys helping others learn but also has a knack for it. You possess the rare ability to teach and be taught, which makes people want nothing more than for you guide their every step on this journey called life! 2/3rds compromise: Help us grow while we take care of what's most important - ourselves

About Tucows:

We at Tucows believe that everyone has a right to access the internet, and we are here for you. Our mission is simple: protecting Open Internet while narrowing digital divide so everybody can compete on level playing field with zero restrictions or obstacles
Our goal? Fairness & Equality.

Tucows is a company that started as an online shareware site in 1993 and has grown to be one of the most stable companies out there. They have created businesses like mobile apps, internet services including domains for websites such as .orgs or it’s own TLD (Top Level Domain) “tucows dot com" which stands for Tucow's Community.

At this company, our people come first. We believe that whatever works for you is what will make your life most fulfilling and in turn provide the best experience possible. The majority of roles are remote-first which means no matter where in the world an employee finds themselves located they can still work on projects as needed throughout any given week while maintaining their personal lifestyle.