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Supply Hound is hiring a Remote Software Engineer

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Our Mission

SupplyHound is building a platform that connects construction professionals and their suppliers. This way, all of the information needed for procurement can be gathered in one place: from quotes to invoices; everything will be at your fingertips!

We are looking for a remote Software Engineer to help on our mission to improve the $10 trillion/year construction market by becoming the preferred operating system connecting builders and suppliers. They verified early product-market fit with an app that features logistics service, then raised funds for team expansion through investment from established institutions like BlackRock--the world's largest asset management company!

The construction industry has been investing heavily into analytics projects but this investment will only yield returns if we take advantage of AI tools like machine learning algorithms which allow us not just see where our problems lie; they understand how best to avoid them altogether by using available data (such as measurements taken during field surveys).

Every year, professional builders in the U.S waste an estimated 2 billion hours sourcing and acquiring raw materials necessary for their jobs - a scenario that negatively impacts businesses from all angles: suppliers experience pain due to inefficient workflows while users are left wondering why these companies can't be more efficient with such advanced technology at hand!

Remote Software Engineer Requirements

  • You are a true expert with experience in 3 or more different technology areas.
  • You are born natural, with your technical know-how and leadership skills. You love to keep things running smoothly both in the office as well as on customer projects so we need someone like you!
  • Have you ever wanted to be in charge of your major feature, or functional area? We're looking for someone like that!
  • You are the poster child for strong communication, with your ability to communicate across distributed teams.
  • You have the power to build reliable, maintainable systems.
  • You are excellent at juggling priorities. You can talk about the pros and cons of different approaches with ease, as your attention is always on what's important now rather than emphasizing anything else, in particular, all day long!
  • You're on a mission to solve user problems, not just technical ones.
  • Thrive in a diverse, collaborative team environment.

Our Culture

We're looking for a few good people to keep things going here at the office. We want our culture and team dynamic to stay positive, so you must have an open mind when joining us! As any new hire should expect from their first day onboard:

  • We try our best to be kind and always.
  • You can always count on us for a great experience and we work hard to give you the kind of customer service that will have your friends coming back again and again.
  • Diversity in teams is crucial to building healthy, successful ones. When everyone's perspective and background are considered it creates a more innovative product or service that will appeal to different demographics
  • We are not cool, we are curious. We're the type of people who will go to any extent just for an answer - which is why you should be excited that there's someone out there with the same levelheadedness!
  • We are not dogmatic, but we don't let our pragmatism stop us from being open-minded either.

This is your opportunity to join the team who makes SupplyHound an exciting place. What are you waiting for?

A job at our company will provide you with many opportunities and challenges that can only be met by coming here first!


  1. You get a 100% health insurance policy, and 50% off for dependents.
  2. You'll never have a better opportunity to learn about the future of work!
  3. Work remotely
  4. We will provide you with a laptop

The Opportunity

If you love building and shipping software as a remote Software Engineer, then this is a perfect opportunity for any engineers out there. You will work closely with the CEO to interpret what needs doing in SupplyHound’s ordering/logistics department while also considering tradeoffs every step of the way. Your input could shape how things are done from now till forevermore!

We're excited to have you on the team! The CEO, Jim Margolis, is based out of Mill Valley but we are a distributed company and welcome applicants from anywhere within the US.

It seems like such an exciting role - working directly towards making our product better than ever before by playing your integral part at each stage?

We're looking for a few dedicated and committed individuals with experience in web development. Our stack is Ruby on Rails, Typescript + React, and while we can't guarantee you'll have worked directly on any of these technologies before we look forward to hiring somebody eager to learn new things as quickly as possible! The majority of work will involve backend programming but somebody ideal would like to be able to take up either side (front end or back) if needed early days here too; this includes all levels from junior level upwards where people make an impact at our company.