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Pennylane is hiring a Remote Software Engineer

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About us

The developers behind pennylane have been hard at work making this dream come true: creating "the financial OS" we've always wanted but didn't know existed until recently - an online toolkit catering exclusively towards entrepreneurs looking to streamline their operations through better information sharing.

Imagine a world where you can use one database to manage all aspects of your finances. Now imagine that same system is available for SMEs in Europe, with features designed specifically by business owners themselves--features like invoicing and getting paid; paying suppliers or expense management on the back end while piloting cash flow at front-end as well! This idea could potentially revolutionize how companies get things done financially (and let's not forget about accountancy).

We know that time is valuable to all entrepreneurs and accountants, so we provide them with the tools they need. We help 3rd parties offer personalized financial services - saving you hours of research!

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully launched in France, and will be expanding our presence across Europe. Our commercial website is available only through the French language at this time but its codebase has been documented clearly with English specifications for anyone interested enough to explore it further!

We're a young, ambitious company that's taking the world of tech by storm. We've grown quickly due to our innovative products and strong investors who back us up when necessary! Now we need you on board as well - if your skillset matches with ours then please send over some resume samples 🙂

About Your remote Software Engineer position

This is it! You've been given the opportunity to build a truly innovative financial management and accounting software for continental Europe. Your clients will be entrepreneurs who want more out of their accountants, so this could change everything in regards to how we do things around here- or maybe even just give me some ideas on implementing what I already know about running an efficient business from my days working as part owner at XYZ Company before they bought them out?

In more details :

Think you have what it takes to join our remote team? Join one of these product squads and work with a Product Manager, Designer or Data Scientist. You'll also be working alongside an experienced remote Software Engineer who has done some amazing things like figuring out how AI could help make the internet more accessible for everyone!

We're building a product that will be used by our customers and partners everyday. You'll have an impact, as well as great feedback loop

Work from anywhere in Europe with the flexibility to work at your own pace
The company is headquartered in Paris, but all of its tech employees are working remotely. You're free to telecommute if desired and can choose any location throughout France as well!