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MoveOn is hiring a Remote Software Engineer

Seniority Level
Mid Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$100k - $130k
? Timezone: 
USA Only

About MoveOn

MoveOn is a group of people working together to create progressive change in America. We're an innovative remote working organization that supports individuals’ efforts by providing them with the necessary tools and resources for success, whether they be driving impactful campaigns or influencing election outcomes as well expanding what's possible through economic justice initiatives like racial equality work - all while challenging entrenched power structures along our journey!

MoveOn has responded to the growing need for a stronger progressive movement by announcing their 2020 plans. Moveon members will be crucial in securing progress during Biden-Harris administration and organizing with grassroots, setting up election wins 2021 through 2022 as well as beyond that time period! In service of this mission statement they've outlined an ambitious five year plan where MoveOn looks forward to driving impactful campaigns focused on moving America forward together rather than just talking about it all day long which is how things usually go these days anyway right?

We organize our members into highly efficient teams who work on challenging entrenched power while pursuing economic equality, racial justice & social equity for everyone including fulfillment from one’s passions or creative pursuits without living paycheck-to-paycheck just so you can afford them a country where each individual has access not only healthcare but also quality education.

About Your remote Software Engineer Responsibilities

Join our team and help us take digital organizing, campaigning to the next level. Together we will scale up brilliance in organizers- campaigners , fundraisers with your skillset! You can architect a great generation of political tech while working on cool projects from around online spaces like fundraising platforms for progressive causes at organizations such as CREDO - which is why they should be hiring too 😉

Required skills and experience:

  • Fluency in at least one programming language and web development platform.
  • A supportive and welcoming work environment
  • Commitment to building a mutually supportive working environment where everyone can thrive.
  • The confidence in knowing your colleagues will be there to help with any questions or concerns
  • Experience leading or contributing to a technically complex project.
  • Ability to lead a complicated project from start to finish
  • Determined and thorough - can see a project through from idea to prototyping, design, production, scaling, and beyond.
  • Passionate about learning from and sharing knowledge with other engineers.
  • Dedication to the process of continual learning and improvement in order to contribute even greater value for businesses
  • Ability to be effective in an organization whose staff all work remotely.
  • Experience debugging and resolving issues with production systems.

Work Remote @ MoveOn

  1. You are a coding savant who can write and review code with the best of them, making your work easy for others to understand.
  2. You're a jack-of all trades, master of none! Your expertise is in designing and developing everything from front-end applications to high performance backends. You get excited when there are no limits on what you can do because it means new challenges await for the next project
  3. You're a problem-solver. You know how to get down and dirty with scaling problems, analyzing them thoroughly in order find strategies like architecture simplification or adding caching layers that will help you outrun your traffic growth rate!
  4. You’re a force to be reckoned with when it comes to Open Source. You contribute your time and creativity in order for MoveOn's innovations reach even wider audiences, making an impact on many lives across this great country!
  5. You help design the architecture of our systems and make decisions about whether they should be built from scratch or purchased.

As a remote web developer, you have the unique opportunity to engage with technology and solve problems in exciting new ways. Through your expertise as both an engineer on one end of things or user experience designer for other projects at work; there's no bounds what can be accomplished when combined!

You will need to hit the ground running, but don't worry because we have everything you could ever ask for: sharpening skills section on our website; weekly team meetings with peers who can offer advice and guidance about how things work here; even a mentor program so that no matter where you are from or what experience level is right now - there's someone out there ready & waiting just as hard working (and hopefully more experienced) than yourself trying their hardest every day too help make sure all employees feel confident

The best part about being located anywhere across this great country is that opportunities are limitless - meaning if something pops up down south where they speak Portuguese better than English then go ahead take advantage because chances like these don't come around often enough...

We are a scrappy, all-remote team that wears many hats and works across the software stack. While we split our time between different projects at any given moment in an effort to stay ahead of demand for new feature developments by adding additional engineers when needed-- everyone on staff eventually ends up working with every facet necessary from infrastructure building through campaign management all while wearing their own gloves --building processes based off agile allow us flexibility which benefits both analytics teams who can respond much faster than ever before without waiting weeks until someone returns back home again; as well as mobile users everywhere because they don't have wait around if there's something urgent happening within

MoveOn is a non-profit that harnesses the power of people to make change in their communities. Our members are responsible for making thousands Upon request, they can create an urgent situation with Move On's automated systems and then send out emails or texts directly from our platform!

Moveon has 10+ production systems all running at once which generates terabytes worth data every day; this information goes on topiquests@moveon dot org - where it fuels ambitious analytics programs as well as engagement strategies through giving users access tokens so no one will be left voiceless again just because we don't have enough volunteers yet.

Become an engineer at MoveOn. You're not alone in your journey!