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Duet Inc. is hiring a Remote Software Engineer

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Senior Level
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Fully Remote
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About us

You'll need to be an experienced developer with a strong understanding of desktop engineering. Experience building Mac (Swift, Objective-C) or Windows apps are preferred but iOS experience will suffice too!

You should get out there and build some things: if you have any knowledge in C#/C

We are seeking passionate engineers who want total creative freedom on their projects at Duet. As Product Owner yourself, you'll own all aspects including design through launch - which means there's no limit or restrictions when coming up with new ideas down the road for both users' happiness today AND tomorrow.

What we do

Duet is a revolutionary new device that turns your mobile phone into an external display. It's more stable than Wi-Fi, doesn't require any configuration or setup by you - just plugin and start using! You don’t have to worry about how much data traffic (or lack thereof) might be bogging down the connection between yourself + Duet because this function happens automatically without user intervention; all settings are handled on one easy screen for quick reference at any time during use

With cross-platform connections now available when signing up on Duet Air we're able to turn our computer into an additional screen so there's no need to get out of bed from sitting at desks all day long just because someone needs another thing done before they've finished what was started earlier

We're looking for a remote Software Engineer to join our team of engineers and designers. You'll be able to work as a remote contractor, but your input is crucial in helping us build the best product!

Software Engineer Requirements

  1. You take ownership of a product and then it's your job to make sure the customer has their needs met.
  2. You love to work remotely
  3. you are always excited about the new challenges that come your way every day!
  4. You're the kind of person that when they see an engine, you can't help but start fiddling with its settings and trying to find ways for it to run faster.
  5. You love finding shortcuts in all areas: engineering-level tasks like building better engines or optimizing performance on existing ones is just one more opportunity!
  6. you have a knack for understanding what customers need and building it, too!
  7. You're a positive and enthusiastic force of nature ready for the next step in your career, or eager to help others find their best selves with this coaching service.

Three Roles Available:

macOS (Objective-C/C++/Swift)

  • Work on our macOS platform
  • Networking/Video experience preferred
  • Ability to adapt to new challenges
  • iOS/Android experience nice to have

Server & Backend Experience (Swift, NodeJS, RoR)

  • Work on our server team
  • Help manage Duet's backend infrastructure for our remote eservices
  • Ability to write high performance code for high-load services
  • Experience with writing secure, reliable code
  • Love learning new technologies and working on a variety of challenges

Windows Engineering (C++/C#)

  • Work on our Windows platform
  • Low-level experience and ability to write efficient, performant code
  • Ability to adapt to new challenges
  • iOS/Android experience nice to have