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Spare is hiring a Remote Senior Software Engineer End User Experience

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Senior Level
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Fully Remote
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We are looking for a remote Senior Software Engineer to join our End User Experience team! This person will be responsible in ensuring that the end-users have positive experiences with their software and hardware.

Your duties include working closely alongside product managers, engineers, designers as well as other members of your group such customer support agents - all while striving towards an overall goal which is improving people's lives through innovation.

As a woman and someone from an underrepresented minority, you may have felt like applying to this job was not worth it because of the required qualifications. But did you know studies show that women are less likely than men or white people without any other qualification?

Spare is committed to creating an inclusive environment, so we strongly encourage you apply even if your qualifications don't seem like they fit all of the criteria. We do our best not just for qualified applicants but also those who were otherwise interested in applying.

Do you have experience:

  • As a remote software engineer (4+ years preferred);
  • With mobile development;
  • With a stack similar to ours, leaning towards frontend (we work with Node.js, TypeScript, React, React Native, SQL databases and more);
  • Working in a company that is tech focused (better yet if you got to grow in a company like that);

Spare is a SaaS platform that enables anyone to launch an on-demand ride hailing service, bringing efficient pooled transportation services for communities across the globe. In just one year of operation we have grown from 25 people in our team alone!

The company continues expanding while still keeping up with this rapid growth rate; it now has over 50 employees and counting - all passionate about making Spare successful so they can be part of its success story too.

We work from anywhere with the right tools. We have remote staff or an office in Vancouver, and it's up to you! You can also take advantage of our home-based allowance that gives a monthly stipend for renting space at one of our coops - just check out more about us on careers page if this is something interesting to consider
A company called "Yayaya" offers their services globally through online platforms like Skype interviews so applicants never need be away.