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MyFitnessPal is hiring a Remote Senior Software Engineer iOS

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$120k - $170k
? Timezone: 

About our company

We are looking for a remote Senior Software Engineer iOS to join our team. We have an excellent working environment, competitive salary and perks, flexible hours, work-from-home opportunities available in the US.

Our company is a well-known software development firm with 10 years of experience. We focus on delivering high quality, innovative solutions to our clients and achieving real results for them.

Positive impact on users: Our team has a long standing reputation for providing the best services in terms of innovation and transparency that you can find out there!

This is an exciting opportunity to grow as a developer in an innovative and challenging environment where there are no limits on what we can do together!

You will be responsible for writing high-quality code which is platform agnostic, testable and maintainable. We are looking for somebody who has experience with iOS development but also wants to learn Swift or Objective C as it's now an official language of Apple products.

Our company values collaboration at work through open source projects like GitLab, Slack, Trello and GitHub while encouraging inclusive environments that can help diversity thrive within our company.

Your role as a remote Senior Software Engineer iOS

The right candidate must be a remote senior software engineer who is capable of working closely with our creative design and user interface team. The key point for this position is to work on the development of our iOS app, which will help us improve the quality, discoverability, and UX/UI experience.

We're looking for a Senior Software Engineer iOS who is excited to be part of an innovative and fast-paced team that's passionate about building the best apps for users.

In this role, you will provide thought leadership on industry best practices around design, testing, security and deployment. You will be responsible for setting up a software engineering process with your team to deliver high quality features at the highest velocity possible while ensuring that they're secure from inception through completion of product release.

You’ll also have an active engagement in shaping our culture by mentoring new hires and leading cross-functional teams

Our team is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our iOS product. This individual will work closely with the Product Managers and other engineers on an exciting new project that we expect will impact millions of users.

You must be passionate about software engineering, and willing to learn and grow in their role as part of a fast-paced environment where they'll have opportunities for career growth within the company's global reach.


We're looking to hire a Senior Software Engineer working remotely for our team. While experience with iOS is not required, we are looking for someone that has built applications in Objective-C and Swift within an Agile environment.

The ideal candidate would have at least three years of related experience as well as the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. The position offers competitive compensation and benefits as well as a chance to grow your career through mentoring under more experienced engineers.

We're hiring a Senior Software Engineer iOS who is experienced in writing unit tests and testable code. This position will help us build the next generation of mobile applications that are faster, more reliable, and easier to maintain.

  • Experience with Swift
  • Familiarity with Cocoa Touch
  • The candidate will be responsible for designing, implementing and testing the software applications in an iOS environment. They'll also be working on new features of existing apps to improve their performance and expand functionality. This is a full time position based out of Huston TX
  • A Senior Software Engineer iOS is needed to work on a project that has been running for over 3 years. The company offers competitive pay and benefits, as well as an opportunity to grow with the team in terms of learning new skills or taking on more responsibility.
  • One must be comfortable working with RESTful APIs because this will help them manage complex interactions between devices using JSON data structures.
  • The Senior Software Engineer will work on a team of developers with diverse skillsets and interests.
  • This position is for an iOS engineer who has experience in at least one package manager, including Swift Package Manager, CocoaPods or Carthage.
  • Must have experience building iOS apps
  • Previous work with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, Codeship
  • Expertise in Swift or Objective C
  • If you think that you can fill the requirements and want to work on an exciting project in a team environment, please send your resume or contact us today!

Perks & Benefits

  • We have a physical office in Austin, Texas.
  • We work in the heart of downtown which is only 15 minutes from the airport.
  • If you are interested in joining our team, please click on "Apply Now" to be considered for an interview.
  • The company is a leading technology provider in the Greater Houston area. The team members will have opportunities to meet and connect with others at work through social events, lunchtime activities, and more.
  • Additionally, employees receive competitive pay based on their skillsets as well as stock options for both current team members and new hires!
  • The Senior Software Engineer iOS position offers various perks and benefits, such as in-person company lunches or sessions. These incentives are offered to encourage team spirit within the workplace and create a more positive work environment.
  • The company offers a well-being allowance for employees who want to take advantage of the flexible work hours.
  • It provides reimbursement for fitness memberships, wellness programs and healthy food purchases that help you maintain your health and wellbeing at work.
  • Not only does the company offer competitive pay, but they also provide medical and dental benefits. Furthermore, it offers vision care for their employees as well. The perks that include all of these things are beneficial to both current and potential candidates who want a job with this company!
  • MyFitnessPal offers great perks, including an amazing 401k plan and health insurance coverage.