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Duet is hiring a Remote Senior Software Engineer

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$100k - $180k
? Timezone: 

About our company

If you are interested in joining our company, we're hiring a remote Senior Software Engineer that is needed for our team. We are looking for someone who has over five years of experience, is self-driven and independent, and can work remotely. We're a company that builds Mac apps. We need to hire a Senior Software Engineer and we will give you the chance for this job if:

You have experience building Mac apps

You can work remotely

We're hiring a remote Senior Software Engineer to join our team as we work collaboratively, develop and build software products. We hire only the best talent and provide competitive salaries for top quality engineers.

We work closely together as we are located in one office, but our position is fully remote. Our team members enjoy flexible schedules that allow them to balance their work life with family time by working from home or travelling for project assignments when needed.

Three Roles Available

Windows Engineering (C++/C#)

As a remote Senior Software Engineer, you will be responsible for the development of software that is used by our customers at home and work. The skillset required includes low-level experience in C++, C#, Java or Python. You must also have significant experience with code writing and debugging tools like Eclipse or Visual Studio.

  • We want someone who can work remotely, which is why we need you to be an experienced remote worker with the skills that will enable you to adapt quickly when faced with new challenges.
  • The Senior Software Engineer will be responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of software solutions.
  • This position is remote so applicants must have a flexible work schedule from anywhere in the world with reliable internet access. They also need to have experience writing efficient code using current technologies such as Java 8, Spring MVC 5 or Python 3 along with solid knowledge of relational databases like SQL Server 2008 R2/2014 SP1/2016 SP3 or Oracle 12cR2 .
  • This position is for a senior software engineer who has experience with the Microsoft Windows platform.
  • The successful candidate will be responsible for leading an entire team of developers and implementing our product roadmap in Java, Python, or C#. He/she must have strong leadership skills to manage teams that are spread out across different time zones while maintaining high quality standards.

macOS (Objective-C/C++/Swift) 

  • The Senior Software Engineer will be responsible for:
  • Project management and development of new features.
  • Work with a cross functional team to coordinate releases and milestones.
  • You should have experience with networking and video software development as well as knowledge of .NET programming languages.
  • You must be able to work from home or any other location that's accessible for you using a computer and an internet connection
  • In order to be successful in this role, you must have a proven track record of delivering high quality web applications with rapid delivery cycles.
  • The candidate will need an understanding of the latest development practices and frameworks such as ReactJS or AngularJS that can take advantage from Webpack, Jest for tests and NodeJs. They'll also need experience with test-driven development (TDD) practices including Mockito/Spock for unit testing and Jasmine/SpecFlow for end-to-end tests.
  • Additionally, the candidate will be required to have experience with CI/CD tools like Jenkins and GitLab that can automate their workflow for continuous integration (CI) and deployment (CD).
  • Experience with React Native
  • 4+ years of experience in software development

Server & Backend Experience (Swift, NodeJS, RoR)

  • Our requirements include:
  • Familiarity with Ruby.
  • Interest in building web apps and APIs.
  • Experience working with/on the Linux platform (and any other backend technologies we use).
  • Senior Software Engineer who is experienced in writing high performance code for high-load services.
  • Experience with ASP.NET Core 2
  • Familiarity of .Net Core and C# programming languages
  • Understanding of SQL Server and Windows Azure (SQL Database) services
  • Since we're hiring a remote Senior Software Engineer, they need to have strong knowledge of coding and be highly passionate about what they do.

Perks & Benefits

  • The perks and benefits are competitive salary, private health insurance, flexible working hours, unlimited vacation days/time off, and remote work.
  • 20 days accrued PTO, 4 weeks of flex time, health insurance, 401(k) with company match up to 6% on the first 5%, paid vacation after 1 year of service
  • In addition, this company offers 100% covered health, dental and vision for the individual employee. Furthermore, they offer a wide range of perks such as flexible hours and policies that allow workers to work remotely from home or any other location.
  • 5 sick days/year
  • US Public Holidays
  • We offer equity grants, remote work and flexible hours in exchange for your amazing talent. If you think this sounds like the perfect fit don't hesitate to apply!