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Lucidworks is hiring a Remote Senior Software Engineer Cloud

Seniority Level
Senior Level
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Fully Remote
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Our Cloud Platform team is responsible for building and managing the core cloud platform. As part of this group, you will be critical in our customers' success by enabling internal teams as well as external ones to deploy services on a scalable infrastructure while being able to observe what they are doing all from one single place! We're looking specifically for someone with experience working on resilient systems who can take over some responsibility related observability tools or user experience design elements if needed too (whatever your strengths).

About the Role

You will be an integral part of our team, working with other programmers to provide a robust and efficient infrastructure for customers. As Senior Software Engineer you'll use your skillset in developing tools that automate processes across different industries including healthcare, financial services or manufacturing-just some examples on how we can help!

About You

You're a seasoned, scrappy engineer who cares about the work and your team members to make sure we are all on track for success! The best part of what you do is that there's always something new-you never get bored from one day into another thanks in large part because our customers bring us so much joy as they let us shine just when everything seems direstucked or uninterested.

You're the shining example of a role model employee, always two steps ahead and working efficiently on behalf of our customers. Your hard work is recognized by your manager in charge for Position Reports to cloud platform engineering!

– You will be responsible for designing and building large-scale distributed infrastructure that can be fully automated to deploy quickly.

– We want you to develop software and tooling that will facilitate greater automation of services, simplify use for an operationally efficient performance

– You will play a crucial role in our API development and automation, streamlining workflows for internal as well as external customers while making the lives of your teams easier. You can leverage heavy use Kubernetes to achieve these goals!

– You will secure our cloud-based software services.

– You're a part of the software team, but you need to stay on your toes and keep up with new developments. We use Agile development methods so that we can deliver great products in record time!