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Nadine West is hiring a Remote Senior Full Stack Rails Engineer

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$80k - $120k
? Timezone: 

About us

Nadine West's business model is simple: get a tailored wardrobe delivered straight to your door every month for no subscription fee. You pay what you like.

Your role as a remote Senior Full Stack Rails Engineer

We are looking forward bringing together people from different backgrounds such as product design or customer service while still maintaining accountability on delivering results that matter.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of the leading engineering team at an already profitable startup with fast growing capabilities. I need someone who not only has experience building our existing codebase, but also has enough creativity and initiative so we can push forward as data science becomes more important for companies like Netflix, Amazon etc.

Reporting directly to the Lead Engineer, you will be responsible for our bespoke recommendation engine and order management system. You'll help extend existing codebase by developing extensions like shipping software that keeps us on top of inventory needs in real time!

This is you

  • You've built up an impressive trove of wisdom on how best approach different problems as they arise - whether its through understanding what makes good unit tests versus great ones; finding ways around brittle frameworks which don't support developers' needs when upgrading projects from one version control system (VCS) like mercurial.
  • You're in total control of your product development cycle when you are a company's home base. You design, develop and test it all yourself to make sure that the end result goes off without a hitch before releasing any information or getting feedback from anyone else about how well this new idea will work out for them!
  • You are an innovative problem-solver who can think outside the box, break down complex problems into their fundamental elements and then use this knowledge to come up with solutions. Once a solution has been designed it is iterated on until it works as intended or changed based off user feedback which ever comes first!
  • You have built and launched many Rails apps in order to extend its functionality with new features or fix bugs on older ones over time; this includes maintaining them long after launch as well if required by demand.
  • You are confident in your ability to lead others by sharing the valuable knowledge that you have accumulated over time. Your experience with code quality, testing practices and architecture has given rise to some strong opinions about database design or ORMs- but it is not just these topics where One True Way™ can be found!


  • We are a remote company, and we always have been. Our team of collaborators spans multiple continents because it's important for you to be free work whenever or wherever your heart desires!
  • This position is somewhere between your local and Austin pay, so you’ll be getting paid more than the average. (Google "Austin Senior Software Engineer Salaries" for reference.)
  • You can work and live anywhere that makes you happy - so long as it's the right fit.