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SessionLab is hiring a Remote Senior Full Stack Engineer

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$70k - $100k
? Timezone: 

About us

Session lab is on a mission to empower people through the design process. They are leading platform for workshop facilitation and process design, working with more than 100 thousand professionals in over 50 countries around th world who use their software-as-service product which helps them run better workshops every time!

We are looking for a senior full-stack developer with frontend focused experience to help us scale our platform and deliver more value. We'll give you the chance to work closely on exciting features that will improve your ability as well, like new & improved content delivery systems or monitoring tools so we can quickly address any issues before they become an issue!

You’ll be working alongside some amazing minds in order reach these goals - including other hardworking developers who have already done their part by building out key parts of the back end infrastructure (infrastructure consists mainly server architecture); designers/product managers ensuring what users see meets standards; CTOs making sure everything runs smoothly under.

Here at the company, we like to work in a remote first environment where everybody can have freedom and independence. It's not just about being self-motivated - it helps if you're also comfortable with your own time constraints!
We are looking for somebody who has these qualities so that they'll join our team as an independent contractor or freelancer and grow alongside us across Europe while still maintaining control over what hours suit them best?

Profile Remote Senior Full Stack Engineer:

  • You have the know-how to build React applications.
    The output should show that you're a pro at what you do, and are excited about this opportunity!
  • Your design skills have a strong impact on the industry, and it's because of your CSS expertise that we could call ourselves designers.
  • If you are an experienced Rails developer with experience in the framework, this is your chance to shine.
  • You're so comfortable building full stack features from scratch that you don't even need to wear pants.
  • You have the perfect resume for a startup that values cross-departmental collaboration.
  • You are a natural problem solver with an eye for critical production issues.
  • You have a strong sense of responsibility and take on tasks that interest you.
    Moral: Responsibility can be an awesome attribute for any individual, but beware if it's at odds with your needs or wants!


  • You are a seasoned remote veteran with technical expertise in our stack, you've got experience developing on technologies like Mobx and Webpack.
  • You have Experience with UX/UI design and prototyping. You can visualize your ideas into reality, fast-track new product launches by creating intuitive interfaces that captivate users from the first touchpoint all the way to purchase conversions!
  • You are a critical player in any organization who wants their products or services becoming globally recognized successes - so we want YOU on our team!
  • You are a visionary with experience in real-time sync for collaborative applications.
  • You have the experience to optimize frontend code and scale web applications.

So what will You be doing?

To give you a realistic look at where we are now:
We have an up-to date infrastructure and codebase with various customer requested features. As well as extensive roadmap items in development such as new ones to come out soon!

You have the perfect skills for this position? You'll work with us on improving and shipping features, as well as implementing new ones. It's an exciting opportunity to join a team that is focused in bringing innovative technology solutions into people’s daily lives.

Why is this great for me?

You're getting in on the ground floor of something that's going to be huge! You'll work with some truly amazing people and have an opportunity for growth like no other. And it doesn't hurt your resume either; this isn't just any old job--you might even make us rethink what "CEO" means (I mean, come on!).

We need someone to help us grow. Your role and responsibility will only continue growing as our company evolves!

You can work from home and set your own schedule (we believe in trusting you).

We offer a stable working environment that values work-life balance.

You will also have the chance to travel a couple of times per year for company meetings pandemic permitting