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Commercetools is hiring a Remote Search Backend Engineer Priceless Team

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$70k - $100k
🕐 Timezone: 

About us

The MACH architecture is a flexible and scalable platform, giving customers the ability to adapt it for their needs. This gives them an edge in today's market where many competitors have products that are very similar but not necessarily better than what you own from us! In addition to its true cloud capabilities as well as our API first approach which allows companies access both code libraries or extensions through webhooks so they can plug into any application without having extensive knowledge of how those technologies work internally--the potential benefits at this point outweigh the costs by orders o magnitude.

MACH is currently partnered with SmartMesh (Token: SMT), the first truly decentralized mesh network, who are helping us build our foundation layer. Along with that, we will be working on integrating functionality for GitHub, Twitter, and many other social media platforms which will provide easy access to MACH for new customers. As well as making it very simple for existing customers to access newer products that are being built by our team.

Challenge yourself as our new remote Search Backend Engineer. Solve complex problems with our international agile team. Work on our cutting-edge tech stack of #FunctionalProgramming, Scala, and more! Coding is not just for programmers - you'll be responsible for infrastructure too so come jump into this deep end if it sounds like your idea of fun water cooler talk at lunchtime.

Sounds like you're in luck! I'm sure we can work out the details, and get started on your new full-time position with commercetools. Just let me know where my email is so that I don't lose track of time while waiting for a response from this opportunity (I might be running low).

The following countries are currently available: Austria, Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Estonia France Germany Greece Hungary Italy Latvia Lithuania Netherlands Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Spain United Kingdom.

About your new role:

You will learn Scala and functional programming as you develop search-related libraries. The APIs can be used for product discovery, category management, etc., with data on demand via Elasticsearch features like cats or recursion schemes! You'll also create an "infrastructure of code" that's scalable by running it in Kubernetes using terraform multi-tenant architecture. Finally, you’ll take part-time assigned roles including being available 24/7 if needed - this includes worldwide distributed teams so don't worry about your location keeping you away from work.

Skills & Requirements:

Being a remote Software Engineer with experience in the JVM is an advantage. You will be working on search-related software, so you should have strong technical skills like JavaScript or Java development tools such as NetBeans and IDE's SpringSource Mate/IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition; Scala would also help there since it shares similarities to Java that are relevant when building apps for elastic scale environments (ELK) Like any good engineer though -you're not just interested in your day job! I'm looking forward to helping make things better by improving infrastructure.

You will be a key player in the development of search engines that use functional programming languages like Scala and Java. Your work experience as an engineer, with 3 years or more on your resume by now should speak for itself! You've already proven to know DevOps well enough because you'll be responsible for improving lots of infrastructure improvements here at our company - don't worry; it's not too difficult once you get started piling up tasks.

What we offer you:

At our company, we strive to create an enjoyable environment for both employees and their families. For each location that you choose as your workplace of choice with us-we have a tailored benefits package designed just for them! This means there’s something in store suited to either what they need at work or on break time; making sure everyone has everything necessary so life can be pleasant outside normal hours too.

This is how we work:

Mindset. A dynamic and innovative environment with a diverse, creative staff of employees from around the world to provide new perspectives on projects they are working on Productivity is key here at this company because we need you available 24/7 no matter where your mind takes you! The benefits don't stop after work either- our amazing culture will have everyone feeling empowered in their own lifestyle choices while still having plenty of opportunities for growth which means more time spent outside office hours exploring what makes life satisfying (or not!). And if all else fails--we've got flexible schedules ready for mornings or evenings alike; whether it's taking care kids or just having the weekend to look forward to we've got you covered!

How to apply:

To start receiving benefits as soon as possible, please email your full name and resume with a cover letter and salary requirements. If there's anything at all more you can tell us about yourself to help your experience and why our company sounds like the best one for you! We are excited to hear from you!