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Nebulab is hiring a Remote Ruby on Rails Engineer

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Fully Remote
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About us

Nebulab is a company that's just getting started in the online space. They are looking for an experienced remote Rails Engineer to work with their small team of highly skilled coders who have experience building large scale web applications.


Nebulabs offers full-service eCommerce services for some of the world's most disruptive digital brands.

We have expertise in building eCommerce experiences for international clients across a range of industries and we specialize in the development of Solidus, the open-source eCommerce platform for system builders.

We’re a growing team of strategists, designers and engineers with a remote-first culture based on continuous learning, transparency and collaboration. We are bold, detail-oriented and we pursue excellence in everything we do.

Who we are

We are an innovative, agile company that believes in the power of transparency and collaboration. We believe in working hard and playing hard.

As a Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer you will work closely with our front-end team to develop web apps for end users. You'll build scalable, high performing applications using modern technologies like React and Redux. The position requires strong experience with Rails (3+ years) as well as Javascript (ES6+) and JSX or Vue.js followed by a minimum of 2 years experience with Ruby on Rails.

Nebulab is a remote-first company that has a diverse team of developers, designers, and product managers. Our goal is to find the best people for our projects while making sure they have an opportunity to succeed.

What you'll do

You will work on highly scalable, fast and secure Ruby on Rails applications with excellent test coverage. You will be working in a team of experts who are passionate about making sure your experience is as smooth as possible.

The Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer will design, build and maintain excellent-quality applications with test coverage. They'll work as part of a small team to create great software products from start to finish.

As a Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer, you'll be responsible for building eCommerce applications using Solidus.

You will also work with the team to develop new features and drive project priorities while ensuring that all deliverables are of high quality.

You'll be working on eCommerce applications built with Solidus, which will require you to write backend code and manage the database. You will also work closely with our design team to make sure that front-end designs are consistent across all platforms.


  • The candidate should have experience in the Ruby on Rails framework.
  • They will be working with both technical and nontechnical staff members.
  • This is a remote position so they must be flexible when it comes to work location.
  • Must also possess excellent time management skills.
  • The Senior Ruby on Rails Engineer should be passionate about building high-quality, well-tested code. They're expected to work in a team environment and share ownership of the project with their peers.
  • Additionally, they will need experience creating scalable web applications that are resilient against failure while also providing speed and reliability for end users.
  • This position requires a knowledge of modern Javascript frameworks such as AngularJS or ReactJS, which can help in finding opportunities outside Nebulab's boundaries.