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ForUsAll is hiring a Remote Ruby on Rails Engineer

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About us

Are you a remote Ruby on Rails Engineer and have a passion for building tools that help people save and navigate their financial realities? We're looking for an engineer with experience in designing apps.

With financial challenges a reality for more and more Americans, we at PB&J Financial Group believe that the best way to tackle this problem is by providing clients with access only elite households have enjoyed up until now. Our goal? Helping all of our customers be able not just survive retirement but thrive in it! That means helping them build brighter futures through investment options like cryptocurrency-based 401(k) plans as well real estate or shares from pre IPO companies - investments which will also protect your assets even during turbulent markets.


You will be collaborating with our engineers, product and design teams to spec the endpoints that power your API. You'll also have an opportunity for hands-on work in writing tests or deploying new features as they come up!

you will be involved in every aspect of the back-end development process, from planning and architecture to coding.

You will be part of the team that creates back-end systems and processes so our partners can easily use YOUR app.

Here’s what we need:

  • You're the type of person who is always exploring new things. You can adapt quickly and easily in order to make sure whatever task you take on has been done before, so your creativity won't be limited by what's already out there - which means it'll come together really well for yourself too!
  • You're a coding genius! You've got 3+ years experience plus plenty of knowledge in Ruby on Rails and SQL back-ends.
  • You have a proven track record of creating high quality unit tests, monitoring code coverage and linting your application with helpful checks. You also know how to manage transactional emails like Mandrill well!
  • You're an expert in your field, and you know how to get things done. You've worked as part of a team that has delivered high-quality products for clients who are always on the move
    In this industry there's no such thing as "done," so it's up too us consultants like yourselves!

Bonus points, you:

  • Are comfortable with API design
    Have experience with Node on AWS
    Are passionate about web standards

Compensation & Benefits:

  1. 401(k)
  2. One Medical membership
  3. Flexible, remote-first team
  4. Medical, dental & vision insurance


You'll be joining a team of diverse engineers who are working remotely. You’ll bring your perspective from the ground up and find yourself at home in our San Francisco office, or anywhere else we need to take this company! We work hard on behalf if all members; everyone has an important role no matter what their background is- there are beginner positions available for folks without any tech experience whatsoever as well as more experienced talent who want nothing but growth opportunities within great companies where they can make real difference.

You may have heard about us because we're not just another startup: Our mission means everything - so does ours (and yours)! Join now while slots remain open