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Aha! is hiring a Remote Ruby on Rails Engineer

Seniority Level
Mid Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
Not Disclosed
? Timezone: 
United States

About Aha!

Aha! is a company that specializes in helping people achieve their best. A product of this goal are the world's #1 software for creating roadmaps and leading enterprises, 500K customers who trust us to build lovable products from start-to-finish--all while being happy doing so.

Aha provides you with everything needed when developing or launching an app including services geared towards design as well as development & technical consulting all at your fingertips.

We are an always remote company that hires people who love to learn, support their teammates and work from where they're happiest. This means we can be self funded with profits distributed equally amongst all employees because there's no sales team!

Your remote Ruby on Rails Engineer experience

As a team player, you are always open-minded and eager to help others learn. Your problem solving skills have helped solve complex issues for the cloud based product that we all love so much! As such, it's no wonder why other members of our development community value your contributions just as much or even more than they do code writing talent itself - which makes sense since being kind is by far one of those qualities most valuable in today’s workplace anyway!.

Do you have significant experience working in a Rails codebase? Are your skills and abilities up to date on the latest technologies, such as Ruby or React programming? Do not hesitate! We are always looking for new remote members.

Our technology

Our application is architected with ECS for scalability, reproducibility and a friendly output tone of voice. We also use AWS's NodeJS webserver that supports collaborative editing in real time updates on our website hosted at amazon web services

We've got a fully-functional web application that was designed to meet all of your needs. It's an easy-to use single instance multi tenant Ruby on Rails monolith supported by Postgres (database), Redis and Memcached - so it will never go down!

We use React to build rich client-side experiences, including our fully collaborative text editor and slide presentation editor. React brings a more powerful interactive functionality to the forefront of our app, while Rails' simplicity is what makes it easy for beginners.

We're always trying out new things and using technology to make our customers happy. But we know that everything has a cost, which means you need enough manpower for work-averse libraries with platforms or apps like these!

Our team

Working with others has many advantages: teamwork helps us work smarter instead of harder; it leads to success because every member brings something unique skill-wise into play - which means greater overall productivity when combined talents meet on one project or challenge.

We work hard to ship new features daily. It's an Iterative process, where we learn about what works and doesn't through your feedback!

We want to give the team members time and focus on solving challenging problems. Minimizing overhead is important, we don't want heavy-weight processes or excessive meetings getting in their way.

Working together is more effective than working alone, and sharing our knowledge benefits the entire team. Collectively we can produce results that are best for customers!

The Responsive Method: A company that likes to do things the old-fashioned way, but with a twist. We believe in making your time on our team as enjoyable and rewarding as possible - so we offer benefits like healthcare for you AND us!

What is Aha! engineering? It's a team of passionate, dedicated workers who thrive in their work and find that they can collaborate with one another throughout the day. This makes for an efficient workflow—and productivity level higher than most companies could hope to achieve alone!

Your work at Aha!

At Aha!, we are interested in working on a broad range of features across the full stack. Your work will include:

This is an exciting opportunity to get involved with the latest and greatest in tech. You'll be implementing new features for our users, touching each layer of MVC as needed while Building deeply interactive reporting interfaces using React so that we can provide customers a more personalized experience!

You will be working with product and UX to refine your specifications as the feature takes shape. You'll be proactive in this process, which means that you won't simply wait for instructions on what needs done - instead we're relying heavily upon our collaborative skills here at Zendesk!

You'll be optimizing queries and ensuring Aha! runs smoothly, so that you can enjoy the best user experience possible.

As a remote Ruby on Rails Engineer, you'll be interacting directly with customers to squash bugs as part of our regular customer support rotation.

One of the first things you should do when working on a project with any kind of style guide is document all components in it. You might be wondering, "What does this look like?" Well just take one component from our example and see how that works!