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Silverfin is hiring a Remote Ruby Engineer

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$80k - $120k
? Timezone: 

Ahum. Here it comes.

We know you have seen many remote jobs ads before, so we’ve tried to stand out as best that is possible with our ad. If this sounds like something interesting for you check it out!

What’s a Silverfin?

Imagine being able to focus on your most important work instead of bogged down with paperwork. At Silverfin, we're trying our best in making this happen for accountants and their customers by automating tedious tasks while building tools that will make them more productive so they can spend time providing advice about what really matters- running a business!

We're an engineering team of 25 people distributed in 14 different countries. Silverfin’s success comes from helping more than 15,000 financial service professionals and advising 200k businesses. We have plenty of work left to be done! Come join us at Silverfins where we want your expertise on board with us too- there's nothing better than being an integral part in making a difference for others every day

What does working at Silverfin look like?

We're an engineering-centric company that seeks out innovation and encourages a close knit work environment. We believe in meritocracy, so there are no "management" or C suite staff - you will be expected to lead your team if they fail yours! Our teams vary from 5 people up to 10 across both backend (roles including scalability remote engineers) as well frontend primarily focused on user experience design responsibilities with some QA thrown into the picture too depending upon where their strengths lie.

Our ops team is so excited and supportive of all your work. We'll help when issues should arise, follow the devops mindset which means we're both in this together- solving problems for you guys instead throwing them over "the wall" to our side!

We’ll be there for you! We take care of the design and development so that everything has a consistent look to it, no matter what browser or device someone uses.

We’re all about using the best tools for our jobs. For us, that means Vue.js and vanilla JS on the frontend with an up-to date Rails monolith behind it (and no jQuery). Our stack includes PostgreSQL as well as Redis for caching purposes; everything runs in Kubernetes too! We use Quip at work because they have amazing customer support like you wouldn't believe... Plus their emails are always witty enough--or maybe less so than usual due to Writer's block!--that I can read through them while sipping coffee from early morning until late afternoon without feeling bored or irritable

What are we looking for?

With your experience in Ruby on Rails and remote work, you know the boundaries between them well. You can code without any training wheels if necessary for either language!

If you’re a mentor, your productivity will increase with the help of this checklist. If not then I recommend giving it a try and seeing how much better things go!

With reason, you can justify the important decisions that have been made during development.

You are a natural-born communicator in English. You can speak clearly and write with ease, no matter what the occasion calls for!

You are a walking embodiment of best practices. Your dedication to the craftsmanship is unparalleled, and I am always learning from your experience!

What makes us and our team special?

Our remote-first culture means we have avoided many of the pitfalls that come from an office environment. This includes chats in slack, PMs on direct messages or @mentioned across different platforms for discussions which can be distracting and disruptive to work flow when done without consideration as well avoiding using DMs (although this might depend entirely upon your team). We find it easier than ever before now with tools like gitlab issues for important discussions instead; they're not only saved but also encrypted so there's no chance of them being compromised by potential hackers looking over what you say online at any given time!

We’ve found a way to make sure that no matter where in Europe you are, we can visit. The engineering team flies together twice a year and at least once every other year for company-wide bonding sessions!

Working with us means you can take time off whenever and wherever. We don’t judge if it's during the day for errands, going out socially or getting a haircut—whatever reason! As long as we know about your plans ahead of schedule then everything will be just fine in our office when working days are over; rest assured that there is always someone ready to cover any extra work load needs arise without compromising quality service delivery

A priority for us is maintaining proper work-life balance, and we avoid meetings as much as possible so you can spend your day doing what makes you happy! When deadlines arrive they need to be met with open arms because there's never an expectation that anyone will put in more than their fair share at home office hours (and if something needs attention right away then don't hesitate). Our days typically go by pretty slowly which makes them great - boring even? But who wants something exciting all the time anyway?!