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Root Insurance Company is hiring a Remote React Staff Software Engineer

Seniority Level
Mid Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
Not Disclosed
? Timezone: 
Eastern Time Zone

About us

We put our people first. Our team members are given ownership of the projects they work on and it’s up to them how those results come out, which means we get fresh perspectives every day from different skillsets so that no two days are exactly alike here at FreshBooks!

Root’s world-class mobile, web and server based products are obsessed with the customer experience. This is why they have an entire team that excels at delivery of software to solve your problems today! Root has structured their business around constant iteration which produces best results; it's just what you need for a successful project or product launch in this constantly changing digital age.

Root's engineering team is always striving to be at the forefront of innovation. They have transformed how an industry works by leveraging technology and data, which has led them into new heights never before seen in this field- they're changing how things are done!

We know what makes a good company: giving everyone an opportunity for personal growth while still retaining friendly service with low wait times if you need help right away or great customer care when time does go by without anyone being available during business hours.

Root is a company of highly skilled technical experts. Our remote staff engineers work across multiple teams to set and coordinate our technological direction while delivering large projects by helping design solutions, pairing program with other Root employees for new development ideas or fixing existing bugs in code review situations where it's needed most - all without writing any lines themselves!

We are always looking for people who want to make a difference and have the passion. We're actively hiring Engineers in our Columbus, OH or Chicago IL offices plus those remote employees must be located within US time zones expected work either Eastern or Central hour schedules!

The best technology is the one that fits your business needs. We use Ruby on Rails to power our back-end, RSpec for testing and deployment of code into DevOps environments such as AWS ECS with containers or buildkite - we also have extensive experience using Javascript libraries like React Native if you need a quick turnaround!

What we look for in remote React Staff Software Engineers:

  • You need the ability to architect complex, performant and scalable mobile applications. You should also be able to create single page web apps with a friendly tone of voice that will attract users!
  • You need the ability to architect complex, performant and scalable mobile applications. You should also be able to create single page web apps with a friendly tone of voice that will attract users!
  • You need an in-depth understanding of the latest strategies and tools used by front end developers
    Focused on a deep Understanding, best practices from industry leaders across different industries.
  • To make the best of your time in programming, you should have experience with functional and procedural techniques. You will also need to know how object-oriented languages work so that anything from one module can affect another if needed!
  • You need to be able to work with a wide variety of developers and tools, which means you should have deep knowledge in front-end build pipelines as well as version control.

We divide the areas of responsibility for engineers into three major areas:

  1. Planning and Execution: The ability to think creatively and outside the box is a must when it comes time for you work. You need this if your department needs something beyond basic technical solutions because there will never be enough of those, but sometimes problems are so complex that no one can solve them on their own!
  2. Working with Others: To be a successful engineer, you need to have the ability not only work with other engineers but also people in different departments.
  3. Technical: Engineers are problem solvers. They have a set of basic skills that they use to understand any engineering situation, and this article will teach you about the five most important ones!

Working with Others

  • The code review should be a friendly, open and creative process where the reviewer is able to provide feedback in an effective manner.
  • A flexible and creative thinker, you're able to work across teams in order tackle complex issues.
    Able working on different projects that require a variety of skills will offer more opportunities for growth then just staying at one job where your abilities may be limited by what's being asked from time-to-time

Planning and Execution

  • Leadership is all about the ability to see a project through from start-to-finish. Leadership skills will help you manage large and complex projects with multiple people or teams, so your organization can be successful!
  • You need to Foresees issues for large projects, e.g., what is required of a project manager who's responsible for implementing features that are likely going beyond one or two people in their team.
  • With every decision, you need to think critically about the business goal in order for your work function and goals. You must internalize them so that they may factor into technical decisions with ease
  • You need to break down large initiatives into incrementally implementable deliverables and coordinate them across multiple engineers. This will ensure you can get the job done without overloading yourself or others with tasks they don't have time for, while still ensuring individual deadlines are met as well!
  • It is important to stay in touch with the product owners, analysts and other functions. If you do not have a strong relationship; it will be difficult for them work together as one team towards company's priorities
    Unified by your common goal - moving forward all while being accountable for their own actions or lack thereof!