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Ghost is hiring a Remote Product Engineer

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$80k - $160k
? Timezone: 

We're looking for an experienced JavaScript engineer to help us get the job done. As our new remote Product Engineer you'll need strong communication and problem solving skills, as well as vast experience in shipping large-scale projects with teams behind you every step of your way!

Understanding Node.js is crucial to understanding how Ghost works, but knowledge of Ember and other technologies we use here at the office will also be helpful! You don't need to be an expert in all areas, but you should have experience working in a startup environment. Some of the skills that will help us most are MySQL or SQLite3 knowledge and any remote work experiences as well if possible!

One of the major perks about engineering at Ghost is that almost every single thing you work on will be released as open source under MIT license. That means not only are we giving you an amazing opportunity to use your skills in a beautiful project, but also if there's something down the line where people aren't able or willing anymore - they can grab what we made!

The work environment at Ghost makes it a great place to build products and ship them. The team is small enough that you can get your ideas heard, but large enough for building relationships with people from around the world who speak many different languages! With this kind of laid back culture in which everything seems happy-go-lucky (not manic), not only will they help make things happen - Your life balance too might stay healthy longer than expected.

The future is now. Instead of spending years doing work which will eventually be locked away in a box labelled "intellectual property," you'll get to write code and make your own intellectual contributions, including yourself!

Ghost is the perfect place to find truth and understanding. As a remote Product Engineer you will thrive in an environment where you’re not only able but also encouraged take risks with your work, because Ghost promises freedom from limitations on creativity while still providing support when needed!

It feels great knowing how much good comes from our hard work here today and throughout history because everything has been created with love which makes all parties involved feel appreciated by themselves too

If you're an experienced remote back-end JavaScript engineer with a track record of shipping large scale projects, then we need your help. We'll give teams the broad briefs and guidance they need to see their goals through from start to finish - it's not about "yes" or "no" decisions anymore but making good calls on what needs clarification!

The traditional tech industry can be a grind. You're not comfortable with the similarity your life has to an episode of Silicon Valley, or you've been solo bootstrapping products for years and are ready to work on something bigger?