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Defiant Inc. is hiring a Remote PHP Developer

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$120k - $150k
🕐 Timezone: 

About us

We're a company that's always been on the forefront of innovation. We lead in WordPress security and have an excellent track record for providing customers with all their needs, from hosting to maintenance contracts!

Do you want to work for a company that is securing the internet? Are your flexible hours and remote location in mind, no matter what state of America they are located at. You may have found it!
The author of this passage seeks out those who are excited about working with them by posting an ad on craigslist - which offers some valuable information such as where/when employees can start looking or apply if interested (for example: 'this position requires full-time commitment).

Company Culture

We are a happy-go-lucky team of people who love what they do. We're always looking for ways to improve ourselves and really enjoy being part of something new - both in terms on work, but also just because life moves fast these days! We want you as an employee because not only will your skillset make us feel good about our accomplishments so far (which isn't easy), he'll help keep things fresh around here too by keeping with trends while still delivering top performance every time out there .

We believe in empowering our remote team to make decisions and work on what they're passionate about. We use Slack for casual interactions, so you can live anywhere with an Internet connection if this appeals to you! Our goal is that when the task at hand becomes too challenging or difficult there are other people who will have your back - just like we do here.

The Defiant team is made up of many skilled and detail oriented people. We value their ability to take on tasks head-on, communicate clearly with stakeholders about those projects, as well as complete them in a timely manner without any problems whatsoever!

Requirements remote PHP Developer

We build software that is well-engineered and quick to produce. We're not a bureaucracy, we've got your back! We must be able to trust that you can grab a bug, do an excellent job of implementing the required code and make it work in such as way so we know there won't be any surprises down the road.

We're looking for a team of software engineers to help power over 4 million websites. Your job will be deploying our code and ensuring that we continue delivering the high standard service you've come accustomed too!

We have a Senior Developer role that requires more rigorous knowledge and experience. If you're ready to grow into it, we encourage your application for the Defiant DevOps Engineer position!

We don't limit advancement in the company based on time or seniority - which means you can work your way up by contributing as much value to our customers and stakeholders with every project!

The skills we require are:

We are looking for a remote PHP developer with significant experience writing code that scales to large numbers of users. Your job will be developing the back-end portion of my website and working on security as well, so it's important you have some knowledge in this area too!

You're a MySQL expert with production experience. You've designed databases to be scalable and performant, which is perfect for our business needs!

You're the kind of person who can't seem to get enough information. You know how it feels when your brain is full, and yet you still manage top-notch grades in school or an outstanding career? That's what we look for here at our company! We want people just like that - those with experience working large amounts data streams where efficiency reigns supreme.

We are looking for a remote developer to build some awesome apps on the LAMP/LEMP stack. You have experience with Apache, NGINX, HAProxy.

I know as much about coding languages like JavaScript and HTML that I could ever hope to learn. But if you need someone who is also familiar with what's happening on a site such as GitHub, then please give me a call!