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Wandalo is hiring a Remote PHP Developer

Seniority Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$40k - $150k
? Timezone: 

We are a company focused on delivering outstanding user experiences with solid technology. Our successes come from our teamwork and mutual respect for each other's talents, unique perspectives, or skillsets that we offer to the table when it comes time to make an impact in any industry.

With over 20 years of experience in the internet space, we're always at the forefront of new technologies to deliver these great experiences. We have been building web-based solutions for clients since 1998 and have served organizations across many industries including healthcare, retail, education, manufacturing/distribution channels and more. More recently we've expanded into mobile applications development as well as interactive voice response systems (IVR).

You want to be a part of the team that's shaping our products, but not just any developer working remotely?

We need someone with skills in back-end development and system integrations who can take on tasks at hand when necessary - whether they are databases or user experience oriented projects!

You have knowledge of technologies and platforms such as PHP, ZF2, ZF1, Laravel, ElasticSearch, MySQL, jQuery.

Your responsibility as a remote PHP Developer

You're invited to take part in some exciting projects:

  • You will collaborate with product managers and technical leads on developing use cases that could help the business improve its usage of our products for scalability or performance analysis efforts so they can be implemented properly!
  • As a remote PHP Developer, you'll be responsible for providing guidance in the form of code review and solution design.
  • You will also work with development teams to advocate for new practices that increase availability, resilience or scalability across all systems – from business applications through infrastructure targets such as databases & caches"

We think you’ll enjoy working with our team if you:

A friendly, professional and passionate individual when it comes to staying on top of tech trends.

  • Flexible enough that they can handle a lot with grace even though things are changing rapidly? That's right!
  • An agile-thinking individual who likes being hands on rather than just letting everything happen behind closed doors so you know for sure your responsiveness will never be an issue in this evergreen environment where creativity is key
  • Willingness/ability (and belief) that good application development includes testing documentation & collaboration means you need great communication skills too not only verbal but written as well
  • You have a can-do attitude and are always eager to take on any project that might help your company move one step closer towards success.