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HealthSherpa is hiring a Remote Lead Software Engineer

Seniority Level
Junior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$190k - $200k
? Timezone: 

About us

HealthSherpa is a company dedicated to making the health insurance marketplace as easy and accessible for people in America.

The 80-person team at American Healthcare Insurance is dedicated to helping low income Americans afford quality medical care.

We are committed not just by our mission, but also through surpassing expectations: since we launched last year over 6 million Americans have enrolled with Health Sherpa's help!

Your contribution will positively affect millions of people, giving them access when they need it most and making sure that no one goes without necessary treatment because they cannot afford it themselves
Hover over "Contribute Now" button for more information on how you can help!

About the Role

We need a seasoned remote Lead Software Engineer or Engineering Manager to help us build the future of health care. We are looking for an expert with deep experience in developing production-ready, maintainable systems using Ruby on Rails and React who can also lead their team as it grows from 2 people up to 5 over time! You'll have the opportunity of working in dynamic, fast-paced environment with new technologies that will keep you always up-to date!

You're a hands-on leader with experience shipping products. You'll lead the development team, developing product features remotely and making rapid technical decisions without micromanaging from afar using your expertise in software engineering best practices to avoid roadblocks along the way so that deadlines can be met while maintaining quality control throughout all stages of production: passionate about providing solutions – not just building things but designing them as well; detail oriented yet flexible enough to shift gears quickly if needed.

You Will:

– Lead an remote engineering team of 2-5 engineers in developing a high-profile product using Ruby on Rails and React. In this role, you will be responsible for managing activities across different projects that are based off each individual's skillset & strengths while providing guidance to others who may not have as much industry experience under their belt yet!

– We're looking for an experienced leader to oversee features and systems. You'll be in charge of implementing agile development practices, lean strategies like DevOps (development operations) or Kanban methodologies--whatever is most effective given the needs at your company!

– The best way to keep your engineers happy and productive is by making sure they are fulfilled. Ensure that the work you assign them reflects their strengths, challenges them periodically in new ways with opportunities for growth; all of which will lead not only towards increased efficiency but also a better overall experience for customers as well!

– Pitch in by contributing to the codebase, ensuring that foundational elements are being built effectively and remain scalable. Next ensure an evolution is occurring appropriately for your needs!