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Camino is hiring a Remote Lead Software Engineer

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$140k - $170k
? Timezone: 
United States

If you're a remote Lead Software Engineer looking to contribute and help us build robust backend systems, then we need your skillset. You'll be part of the team that builds and operates backend systems for our clients.

Camino simplifies policies to a level that is more accessible for everyone. We build our products with ease of use in mind and offer government-grade security, so you can be confident knowing your information will stay safe no matter what challenges come up on the horizon!

We offer the most advanced solutions in our market that are already deployed to millions of citizens throughout America. Our products include virtual/remote live-streaming video inspections, auto generated guides for projects like home remodels and document management as well as payments - all available on one platform!

Join us now and help build the modern software stack for government agencies, with an opportunity to see your efforts used by tens of millions on a daily basis. Prove your worth and help us make a difference with the government. Join tens of millions on their daily routine by joining our team today!

We're so happy to be able to offer you the opportunity for a career where your location is never an issue, because at this company we love working with people from all around! Our benefits package includes competitive salaries and equity in addition health care coverage. Plus if there are any countries that need workers (or just good vibes) then let us know-you might end up being their ambassador after all.

As a lead member of our platform team, you will

  • You will be given the opportunity to lead technical and architectural sessions, roadmaps, objective documents with your voice.
  • In addition listed above, you will also be a critical member of our team by providing input and guidance on all aspects that range from strategy development through planning out roadmap updates.
  • When you work with a wide range of complex situations, it's important that your output tone is always professional. The key thing here would be showing an ability to succeed across multiple axes: e.g., scale (size), uncertainty and interconnectedness
  • We will make sure that your employees have a high bar for technical aptitude. We want you to feel confident about the quality of hires and our customer service representatives are always happy when they get an easy task from one those who knows what he's doing!
  • You will play an active role in the design process by providing constructive criticism.
  • You will be a driving force in our technology stack and across the company. From best practices to process improvements, you'll have your fingers on what's new at any given time!
  • A great way for someone who loves helping teams become more efficient would be working with us because we are always looking towards innovation through better processes - let me show how that can work specifically here