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Ghost is hiring a Remote Infrastructure Engineer

Seniority Level
Junior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$80k - $160k
? Timezone: 

About the position

You'll join a team that's passionate about building and maintaining our stack. You'll be responsible for the tech we use at all levels of storage, databases & containerised applications - from request routing to email deliverability! It doesn't stop there though; you also get involved with collaborations within other areas of business like integrating Ghost (Pro) with billing systems as well.

This role includes responsibility for being part of an on-call / remote rota that includes weekends and holiday cover, but the team spans multiple timezones so incident management responsibilities typically follow the sun. All infrastructure roles at Ghost are inclusive of this flexible working hours policy which means we do our best to accommodate everyone's schedules when it comes down their ability or inability (due personal circumstances) into reporting in during those shifts

Skills and experience

  • You've got the automation skills to make any process run smoother, with a strong background in this area, you'll be able take on any task that comes your way.
  • You have an impeccable ability to communicate, especially when it comes time for you identify and respond on behalf of the infrastructure.
  • You have a holistic approach to managing and deploying projects across many environments.
  • As a seasoned web hosting expert, have the knowledge to help you automate your infrastructure at scale.

This new position will require 24/7 availability with some flexibility around how you want your day structured - could be mornings only if juggling children after school; looking out over gardens while catching up on reading through breakfast news sites?

You’ll have an opportunity to grow in this position because not only are we looking for someone who knows how their job fits into.

All our infrastructure is managed and deployed through config management, with a lot of custom code - so being comfortable with git and software development (Node/Python) is important. In addition to that you'll need some experience using Saltstack or another system forOps in order take advantage on this career opportunity! Our datacenters comprise more than 100 servers running Ubuntu sitting behind fairly deep CDN integration; these are backed by expert sysadmins who use tools like Deployium's easy-to-use toolset along side popular open source projects such Node JS & Python 2.

Who you are

  • You are an independent thinker who's not afraid to make your own way. All teams at Ghost operate fairly autonomously, and all team members have plenty of opportunities for decision-making in any given situation because they're responsible for helping out when needed most!
  • Collaborating is your thing. You want critical feedback on what you're doing as soon as it's done, and enjoy the process of refining things together with others in order to get better results for everyone involved!
  • Quality matters a great deal in everything we do, whether that's engineering or content — it is important for our customers to have quality products. We are here with you every step of the way; from design through production and even after-sales support!
  • The qualities we look for in a remote team member are clear communication, good ideas and the ability to think critically.
    A successful collaboration relies on open channels of communication where we can all share our thoughts without fear or hesitation - this is why being humble but opinionated (or at least willing) really matters!

We use the latest and greatest technology to keep our clients happy. We've got MySQL, Varnish, OpenResty/Nginx for caching content on an instance or serving it up from another server in acgi mode; we also have LXC containers that can run as many instances at once without slowing down your application's performance-either way you're covered!

We don't mind where you're based or what hours work best for your schedule, but this role requires some working-hours overlap with the rest of our infrastructure team. So if an Australian or European time zone is more convenient than others then that would be excellent!