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Vidalytics is hiring a Remote Head of Engineering MarTech

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Fully Remote
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About us

We're Vidalytics, a video marketing platform for entrepreneurs that is growing 50-100% per year!

We have a great opportunity for an experienced remote engineer. You'll be able to work with the best and lead our talented team in building MarTech SaaS products which will make you rich very quickly!

Vidalytics is a platform that lets entrepreneurs of all sizes grow their business by tapping into the power of video. It's helped some businesses reach up to five times as many viewers and make more sales than they would without us!

At a glance

As a reported to the CEO, your will be in charge of making sure that everyone knows what they need and how best we can help. You're not just one person with an opinion--you have power!

You will manage a 5 person team that are in charge of maintaining and enhancing your business's technology. They'll help you make sure things runs smoothly, identify areas for improvement through innovation initiatives together with other employees from all departments who have tasks related to information systems or software application development.

Being a leader in this field, you will be leading the way. We're not just a team, we are family. We will help you keep kicking ass and growing with us as we scale!

Your job as a remote Head of Engineering

You are committed to shipping code every week. Our goal is for you and the team to be able release features fast, with minimal bugs or scalability issues so that we can all get on a same page about what's coming next!

You will be able to succeed in this role because you have what it takes - You're an expert on our system (in time) — how things work, so that we know when there are bugs or issues.

One of the best parts about this position is that it gives you an in-depth look at how things are going. You’ll be able to answer all your managers' questions and more importantly, keep them on top of deadlines!

As a remote Senior, you’ll be in charge of balancing between features and tech debt. You should also focus on delivering value to our users while making sure that the product still has reliable updates for them at all times!

We strive to make our systems as simple and easy-to use for you, so that we can all work together in an effective manner. Our mission is nothing less than the immediate improvement of engineering processes throughout this company!

What will it be like working at Vidalytics?

As a rare opportunity, this is your chance to step into an amazing leadership role with us at the startup. You’ll be able grow and learn as much about how things work early on in life while we do all of our hard work for you!

You’ll be working on at-scale video delivery, big data and high load infrastructure. You will also have the chance to learn new things like microservices as well!

Your new tech team includes

  • 1 Mid Frontend Engineer
  • DevOps outside agency
  • 2 Sr Backend Engineers
  • 1 QA Manager
  • 1 Sr Frontend Engineer

Who You Are

  • You have a knack for keeping up with the latest in tech. You love that our stack is PHP, microservices & GCP!
  • You have a proven track record of success with tech teams. As an expert in scaling and managing them, your company can depend on you to deliver high quality work every time
  • You're a natural-born Agile. You have everything in Jira with estimates, standups and velocity that we can count on!
  • You don't get lost in the weeds when it comes to productivity. You're accountable for deadlines and results, so your team knows what they need too!

A team philosophy of empowerment means to guide members, not command and control. Instead of telling them what they need or want for their individual success in the big picture we constantly raise collective knowledge so that everyone can see it together as one cohesive unit with different capabilities but still working towards common goals.

There's a good chance that you're an expert when it comes to tough conversations. You don't get angry or stressed out, which means your emotions stay in check and the other person feels more at ease talking with us too!