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Codelitt is hiring a Remote Fullstack Engineer

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$50k - $90k
? Timezone: 

About us

As a remote company, we are passionate about improving the lives of our users through the products we build. We're looking for an experienced FullStack Engineer (Node & React) who wants to join us on this journey.

A FullStack Engineer is a person who can handle all aspects of the development process. They usually develop websites, apps and other software applications that are built on Node & React framework. The candidate has to be able to work remotely but also have excellent communication skills so they can effectively communicate with their team members across time zones for remote collaboration purposes.

What we're looking for

We're looking for a remote FullStack Engineer, Node & React. You'll need to have experience building complex applications and we will be working on an exciting project in the Houston area. We're building fun applications using modern technologies like Node, React, MySQL/MariaDB, MongoDB and more.

We are on the cutting edge of technology, so you will be working on some exciting projects that will help us move forward even faster!

You'll be working closely with stakeholders from the UXR, designer and project manager as well as other engineers to make sure your code meets their needs before it goes live. This will include working remotely during weekdays while you have time off over the weekend too!

This person will take the lead on our NodeJS + React application, which is currently in development. They'll also work closely with our team of designers and developers to create engaging digital products that make a difference in people's lives.


  • We're hiring a remote FullStack Engineer (Node & React)e. You should have two years of experience with Node and at least one year of experience with React, including knowledge of the following technologies: Express, JWT, MongoDB, ES6/7
  • For this opportunity, we are looking for a FullStack Engineer with experience in Node and React. You will be responsible for developing software using the latest technologies to meet customer needs.
  • This position is remote, so you must have strong internet connection speed and own computer with stable operating system required to work from home
  • The person in charge of the project is looking for a remote FullStack Engineer who has experience with Node.js and React. We want someone who can create front-end interfaces, back-end HTTP requests, handle user input (including payment), provide data storage solutions via MongoDB, and be able to deploy their code on Heroku or AWS EC2 instances.
  • We're also interested in hearing from people with strong interest in cryptocurrency development since this will most certainly play into the future of our project.
  • Experience with Node.js and React is required
  • Strong understanding of web frameworks
  • We are looking for someone who has strong experience in back end development to be the backbone of our team. You should know how to handle all components, including architectural design as well as frontend engineering tasks such as integrating third party libraries into your project.
  • In order to be considered for this position, you must have experience in Node and React. You'll also need a good understanding of HTML/CSS/JavaScript, as well as an interest in optimizing load times and debugging rendering issues.
  • This position requires an engineer who is passionate about building applications on top of APIs like WebSockets, RESTful services, or GraphQL/RelayRPC. The perfect candidate will be able to code in both Node and React; however there are no specific requirements for which language must be used by this engineer as long as it's modern Javascript.
  • The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate experience in Node and React, as well as knowledge of design principles such as responsive web design.

Perks & Benefits

  • Perks and benefits at Appcues include English classes, team-building events, games nights, a monthly pizza night, and the opportunity to work remotely.
  • If you're interested in working with a company that offers competitive benefits, then this is the position for you! This job opportunity comes with dental and vision insurance as well as 401k. You'll work remotely from a home office or co-working space.
  • The perks of being part of our team include unlimited PTO days off to spend time traveling after your travel restrictions have been lifted, free snacks during meetings to help keep blood sugar levels stabilized so mental sharpness isn't affected by hunger pangs, and the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in their respective fields.
  • A work from home policy, flex hours, vacation time, health care plan offered through your company
  • The opportunity to work remotely and on your own time is essential for some individuals. If you're looking for a position that will give you the flexibility of working wherever, whenever, then FullStack Engineer (Node & React)e could be the perfect fit.
  • This remote job also offers attractive benefits such as health care coverage and professional development opportunities through workshops and conferences with an emphasis on diversity in tech culture at large.