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Sherbet is hiring a Remote Full Stack Web3 Developer

Seniority Level
Mid Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $90k
? Timezone: 

About Sherbert

Sherbet is an exciting new cryptocurrency-based gambling platform that allows players from around the world to compete with one another in various games. You can win Sherbets by competing against other users, or you could buy them and trade them for Bitcoin on our exchange! We're looking for skilled web developers who want to work remotely across 5 different countries - we'd love it if you applied today 🙂

Sherbet is a forward-thinking company that welcomes diversity and equal opportunity. We want our team members to represent as wide of a variety in backgrounds, perspectives and skills so we can all benefit from Sherbert's success!


The Sherbet team is in the late stages of building a platform that will provide us with future growth. This presents us technical challenges to overcome:

This passage has so many different things going on at once, it's hard for me not to get lost! The first thing you notice when reading this passage are all these words beginning with 'the.' They're talking about being tired or having lots left undone which i think really adds power and urgency into their message if anything else was needed too (depending how much time we spend). Next there were some statistics thrown around without giving any background info.

  • You need to Ensuring that the code we implement scales
  • You are ensuring that we always have your back. We won't let anything happen to our data, and in return for this commitment from you: -We'll do everything within reason when it comes time for updates

What are we looking for

You are a crypto expert with years of experience, you know the ins and outs.
You've got experience using AWS, including Amazon CloudFront and S3. You also understand the ins-and-outs of other products in this database like Lambda@ railways for fast request processing on our servers or Kinesis Firehose for streaming data into databases such as Redshift - so your skills are worth mentioning!

You know everything there is to know about working with services provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). From leveraging their robust features that give you more control over how much load each system can handle at any given time; allocating resources across availability zones based off metadata tags which helps balance network connectivity within regions around Earth's equator--it doesn't really matter what kind of project oneFP has because they'll find

With so many APIs out in the world, it is important to know how they work and what tools will help us build our applications. The experience you have with API development should set your application apart from others!

It is no secret that you have an incredible grasp of VueJS, JavaScript and TypeScript. Your skills are so sharp they could cut glass!


  • Remote first company
  • International environment
  • Flexible working hours
  • Ability to be paid in cryptocurrency