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Checkly is hiring a Remote Full Stack JavaScript Developer

Seniority Level
Junior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$60k - $100k
? Timezone: 

About Checkly

Checkly is building the future of monitoring for developers. We are looking to launch a new product in May, and we need your help! Join our team as an experienced remote Full Stack JavaScript Developer with ambitions on improving what you love most - developing technology-based solutions that make life easier for people around them all over the world.

A great opportunity awaits those who want more than just an office job helping others by influencing roadmap & doing work we adore: creating awesome products such as Checkly's innovative IDE designed.

Harden & expand our backend

Hapi.js and a collection of custom job runners distributed around the globe, we've created an international company that is loved by all!

You'll be a big part of the team that's expanding our product line-up. You can expect to work on exciting new features and expand existing ones!

You work with our team to make sure we can handle the growing demands of your business.

You will be working remotely on scaling an existing backend platform for this project, so you must have great knowledge in these areas and understand how they affect other parts within a company as well!

We’re already halfway there and I can't wait to see what the rest of this campaign has in store for us! By the time this is done, we'll have run almost 850 million checks and are ramping up for a lot more.

Help build & shape our frontend

The frontend team and design lead have lined up a series of projects for you to work on. You'll be working with our Vue-based client-side framework, developing new dashboards & graphs as well as 3rd party integrations that go directly into your browser! There won't be any boring CRUD forms here: we want these tools so they can provide instant feedback - which will help us automate more tasks in the future (yay!).

The candidate should not only have skills related to designing user interfaces but they must add creativity by thinking outside of the box when it comes down to creating innovative applications using cutting edge technologies such as Angular2 or ReactJS

Remote Full Stack JavaScript Developer Requirements

  • You might be able to work in an international company, but your English is what sets you apart. You'll never have any problems communicating with coworkers or customers because of the way that you speak!
  • You have a knack for writing tests that make your code shine. You especially like testing the front and backend of websites, as well!--which means we're on the same page!
  • You are a natural learner who always wants to know more. You pick up on new stuff quickly and enjoy the process of learning something special just for you!
  • You are an entrepreneur at heart. You're not satisfied until your customers are smiling from ear-to-ear with joy, and that is exactly what you want for yourself too!
  • You can make an impact with your work in a professional environment. You are passionate about what you do and always strive for perfectionism, which makes us confident that we will be able to rely on every project from this point forward
  • You want to work in an environment where you are constantly learning new things and being challenged.

Bonus points

  • You have the perfect resume for a developer. You've worked on some impressive SaaS tools that are sure to pique any employer's interest, and now it's time for YOU!
  • You know how to make backend processes run faster and more efficiently.
  • You are an expert at following security best practices.


  • Flexible working hours allow you to balance your professional career with family obligations, giving peace of mind that they will be looked after. A family-friendly environment and flexible approach make it easier for parents who need time off work without worrying about repercussions at their job site!
  • A healthy, creative work environment is the key to success. Let's all do what we can for a better workplace!
  • We're always looking at the latest technologies because we know that's where our future lies.
  • Modern laptops and equipment will be provided for you!
  • Competitive salary & stock options.