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Modern Treasury is hiring a Remote Full Stack Engineer

Seniority Level
Senior Level
Employee Type
Fully Remote
Salary per Year
$120k - $180k

About your role

We're seeking remote software engineers with a development background to contribute a critical role in the Engineering team. The basic premise of Modern Treasury is to help businesses document and document their services, products, and intellectual properties. This is an all-encompassing mission that embraces many different processes through finance, marketing, products, customer service, etc. You will be early members of the engineering team at Modern Treasury and maintain even more opportunities for growth. As part of the engineering culture shift, working on cross-functional product lines can enhance your professional experience too!

Our customers use our company's technology to do things like move money, automate back-office work, and record transactions. The companies that can use Modern Treasury move over $750 trillion a year via bank payments, as compared to only $2 trillion per year on credit card payments.

We have a lot of experience in building and maintaining APIs. As well as being an API specialist, our team members are also software engineers with a wide range of expertise that includes backend systems development, database design, and API development.

Not only does our API include specific functionality, such as the ability to manage payment workflows and monitor their business, but we also have a website that is in use by accountants, controllers, and engineers. Our platform uses them to do things like manage their payments and track in real time. As an engineer, you will work with our product development team in order to build customer-facing products in major organizations.

We have a large pool of developers that can take different pieces of our software to build new products for the marketplace. We also have an experienced leadership team that.

We believe in using and adapting and contributing to the best possible tools for each job, rather than always using open source or building things ourselves. We actively embrace open source in parts of our system but aren’t afraid to roll our own solution for things like writing and parsing bank files. We also contribute to open source (for example,


Modern Treasury is software that supports businesses with a high volume of transactions or complex payment flow. Modern Treasury automates the full cycle of money movement - from payment initiation, through approvals, to reconciliation.

Our mission is to transform the way businesses work with payments. Money becomes real-time, Reconciliation becomes instant, Expense tracking becomes continuous!

Your first week as a Remote Full Stack Engineer:

  • Learn the basics of our product
  • You will work with a Product Manager to plan your personal projects.
  • Ship your first commit on day 1
  • Take on 1-2 small tickets to address bugs or make minor improvements
  • Read our favorite industry primers

During your first six weeks you will:

  • Ship your first major project
  • Write your first blog post here on Modern Treasury. Contemporary writing with a fair share of controversy always performs well.
  • Shadow a few customer and partner meetings every week

During your first six months:

  • You will work with our product team to create and ship products for both the engineering and finance users.
  • You will help expand our team by learning skills that new engineers will need, creating internal tools using your knowledge, and interviewing candidates