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Adthena is hiring a Remote Full Stack Engineer Application

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Fully Remote
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Remote EU

Our Technology team is a vital cog in the machine, always innovating and coming up with new ways to solve customer problems. For example our patented machine learning methods that power Adthena’s platform are second-to-none!

About You

We have the perfect opportunity for you. As a very reputable company, we're always looking to build up our team with passionate people who want be at the top of their game and help make incredible things happen!

We're looking for a remote Full Stack Engineer with the skills to build and develop amazing technologies. We'll provide you training in our company culture, as well as an excellent salary package - it's up to your creativity on what else is needed!

As a Full Stack Engineer, you will be working remote across our entire web stack. We value passion and energy for driving the product forward because it's what makes an expert developer! This means that as well as having technical skills like coding in some languages or building products with technology--you should also know how users think by becoming friendly towards them through your tone of voice when speaking on behalf of us; showing empathy can help people feel more connected which leads to better results than just talking down at them.

I want everyone here today who might potentially apply (and there would only ever be one person chosen)to have access not


Collaborating with others, you will have the opportunity to learn and experience some exciting web development technologies. Together we can continuously evolve our technology stack while also contributing in system architecture design for analytics applications or rapid prototyping that could change everything!

We are always looking for ways to make the experience better. We focus on innovation, delivery and feedback because we know that's what our customers want! You'll have opportunities in this role if you love writing code or learning new technologies-and solving problems along the way as well. As one example problem might be helping us explore some innovative ideas about how different departments could work together more effectively using technology(s).

About us

For over several years, the Athena Technology team has helped clients understand their paid and organic search landscape. The application development is unrivaled with technologies that help improve campaign performance for our customers! We are an empathetic group of engineers who love building great software to serve you better than anyone else could hope too.

About Adthena's mission

Adthena's mission is to make the world more transparent with precise ads. The company offers Whole Market View technology, an AI-driven data model that represents all relevant search landscape for advertisers and connects them to consumers in a way not seen before on this scale.

A typical day at Adthensna starts off by getting ready; I will have my hair done then get coffee from Peets which has been one of my favorite spots since college days when he was still open! After enjoying some prepration time drinking caffeine while catching up on work emails or reading thru social media posts (because who doesn't love checking out what you folks are doing?) It’s finally Time To go into headquarters so here comes Black Jeans