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Food Revolution Network is hiring a Remote Full Stack Developer

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About us

We want to make sure that all people have access and can afford good food, not just those who live in wealthy areas. That's why Food Revolution Network (FRN) works with online-based education programs like this one so we can move towards sustainable practices for both our planet as well as human health!

With more than 750 000 members across the globe FRN provides online-based education with a goal of transforming our current system into one that supports not only people but also planet Earth!

Your position as a Remote Full Stack Developer

Dedicated to building a sustainable, diverse and inclusive team that makes an impact on people's lives. FRN offers 10-hour days with flexibility for your schedule - all from anywhere in the world! Imagine working for as a remote Full Stack Developer for a company that takes into account your needs, is environmentally conscious and offers an all-around fulfilling experience. FRN wants you!

The opportunity to join a growing technology team and help implement the organizations' strategy is an exciting one. Our FSDs are in charge of designing, creating backend software systems as well as maintaining frontend applications for our clients!

The company wants three more developers with diverse skill sets: C# or Python knowledge would be ideal but we can train you on either if needed (or both!). You'll work alongside other likeminded individuals who share similar passions about building things from scratch--it's not just coding here at FRN; this job involves lots of creativity too so.

The Full-Stack Developer understands how to use technology in a way that benefits the company. They are able work with both programming languages and design, making them valuable for any organization looking at improving their online presence through innovation.

About You

You believe in the power of healthy, organic food to change our world. You're passionate about supporting the millions who choose plant-based nutrition and ways they can have a more environmentally friendly lifestyle! We are scientifically grounded with facts you can trust; we invite everyone--not just those following diet trends or religious dictates-to join us on this empowering journey toward better health & happiness by eating whole foods like vegetables from your garden fresh every day .

You're a driven, motivated and self-aware individual with the capacity to think deeply on all levels. You seek out knowledge from different cultures in order reach new perspectives that will help others achieve their goals as well. Your empathy helps you understand other people's needs while your honesty lets them know where they stand regarding responsibility for mistakes made along this journey we call life

About remote work

A remote team with members across multiple time zones, Work Location FRN is a great place to work! We prefer for you to have availability in North America-compatible timeslots. The ideal candidate would be able and willing take on 90% of this position's responsibilities from 9am - 3pm Pacific Standard Time Monday through Thursday (or as needed).

The Food Revolution Network is an organization that advocates for healthy, ethical and sustainable food. Founded by John Robbins and Ocean Robbins in response to the 2007 crisis with their motto "Food = Freedom," they have more than 750 thousand members worldwide committed to fighting against hunger while working toward bettering themselves through education on how we all can be part of this change together .