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Manual is hiring a Remote Front End Engineer

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About Us

We're changing the way men think about wellness. And we've already amassed a stellar team of executives from TransferWise and Deliveroo, with funding from Europe’s top VC's too! Our mission is clear: Create an easily accessible safe space for all those who need it - no matter their background or location in society- without judgement. When you join us on this journey towards creating healthier lives through better understanding what really matters most to YOU; don't forget that starting out isn't Easy...but worth every second.

Remote Front End Engineer position

Please read this job description carefully. As a remote Front-End Engineer, you will have the opportunity to solve interesting problems and make direct impacts on our business through shaping what it means for users by creating beautiful interfaces with ease of use features that they love using! We are looking for someone like yourself - passionate about their work who can join us in Athens as soon as possible (or wherever).

What exactly does your role entail? Well first off there's solving design challenges every day; being given creative freedom over how we want them solved within established guidelines such only implementing those components which satisfy all conditions so nothing gets left out at any point during development cycle.

We love inventing new ways to make our customers' lives better. We're always exploring the latest technology and coming up with innovative solutions for all of your needs, whether that's through backend implementation or front-end development!

Our team is made up entirely of passionate experts in their field who don't just want you as a customer; they strive hard towards making sure each person sees value from working here too because we know what matters most - delivering stellar results at every turn possible while bringing smiles on people faces along ́the way'.

Among others, your role would include:

The ideal candidate would be building new product features for both customers and our operations teams. You'll work closely with the Product Manager, Designers, Backend Engineers in order to create innovative solutions that are also usable by everyone! Your choices will become part of what shapes how we operate--a young company like this needs all types represented so there is no bias against anyone's ideas just because they come from outside sources or don't involve programming languages already known at your current job.


You must have 3+ years of industry experience working with React, HTML/CSS and JavaScript. You should also know about libraries like LESS or SASS which are used for stylesheets in your templates as well as frameworks such Grunt & jQuery. To be even more impressive you need to possess strong focus on performance

Nice to haves:

As a Frontend Engineer working remotely, you'll need to have a creative and intuitive mind for design, like those who can think outside the box. You should also know how code works from back-end programming in PHP or Python with an object oriented approach such as Symfony OR Silex Laravel . If that sounds interesting then apply today!


You'll be joining one of the most exciting companies in this space. You will have an Extremely competitive salary based on experience (+ equity), ownership over your goals and a direct impact to what they accomplish - all while working with people who are fun, sharp & motivated! The environment here at startup feels more like family than work; it's not uncommon for employees' children come visit us during lunchtime or after school hours because there is no separation between personal life when coming into work early mornings (we're onto you parents!).