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Lean Labs is hiring a Remote Front End Developer

Seniority Level
Mid Level
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Fully Remote
Salary per Year
Not Disclosed
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Are you tired of building mediocre sites from scratch because clients have no vision or budget? Feel like a “code monkey” in an empty cage, doing repetitive builds with nothing but the basics to make it more interesting.

Are your eye's being drawn towards this company who seem confident and full of life even when they're working on projects others might deem as unimportant; ready for something challenging that will allow their creativity shine through instead! If so then read ahead about our team at DesignandCode:

We are high achieving professionals looking for someone passionate enough about design/development work.

What if you could work on premium website experiences as a remote Front End Developer that challenge and stretch your skills? You might want to try our new design system, which will save time for when it matters. With so many great designers in one place there are always people with whom I can learn from or be mentored by as well!

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