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Cover Whale is hiring a Remote Database Administrator

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Fully Remote
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About us

The team at Whale Insurance Solutions is made up of experienced insurance and technology veterans who have combined forces to launch an InsurTech brokerage that offers innovative services. Cover whale provides the most convenient platform online, meaning it’s easy for agents like yourself to get quotes quickly!

As a fast-growing start-up company that's already filling the trucking insurance gap, we have become both innovative and able to grow quickly. Our database administrator will keep our system running smoothly 24/7 so it can continue being an engine for innovation in this space!

Our company is unlike any other. We offer a dynamic and collaborative culture where employees care deeply for their users, leaving egos at the door in order to provide an unmatched experience- something that we believe can't be done without passion or drive from each individual member of our team!

We pledge by the principle of Work hard, play harder and make sure we do not leave anything on our court. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to take a break from work for some fun!

That’s why when you come across one another in Slack channels or at tournaments - jokes are always welcome but never inappropriate as long they don't go too far just like any other professional situation should be handled professionally.

A few words from me: I am so delighted that there exists an entire industry ready-made with enough room inside its framework where IT professionals can thrive without feeling constrained solely because their field entails interacting directly with clients day after day; allowing them freedom unheard until now


  • In order to build databases of high availability and quality, you have to be aware of each end users specialised role.
  • This requires a deep understanding of end users needs and views, which you can only gain by conducting surveys.
  • You have to use a high-speed transaction recovery technique and backup data
  • You have to minimize database downtime and manage parameters in order for queries to be responded quickly.
  • You're going to have a lot of support and training at your disposal as you grow. You need proactive, user-friendly data management that's efficient for both employees in the field who are using it on an everyday basis as well as experts ready with their own device when called upon during emergencies or catastrophes alike!
  • You'll be providing not just reactive but also preventive measures by ensuring everyone has access - whether they're out there collecting information themselves or simply assisting others while we await further instruction; teaching them best practices so nothing gets lost along the way AND being able provide advanced knowledge whenever necessary through remote connection sessions


  • We offer a competitive salary
  • This role can be done remotely
  • Start ASAP
  • Health/Dental/Vision
  • Unlimited vacation policy
  • Full-time position